The Petraeus Briefing: Biden's Embarrassment Is Not The Whole Story

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  1. Hi Barth,

    And guess which language these Arabs speak? The same language as Syrians, who are also Arabs, Lebanese who are also Arabs, Jordanians, Iraqis, Libyans, Egyptians, and Moroccans and so on and so forth.

    In the Middle East, contrary to the Zionist liar Mom0, your title is given to you according to the language you speak. If you spoke Assyrian, You are "Ashury", if you spoke Keldani, you are, you guessed it, keldani, if you spoke Kurdish, you are Kurdi, if you spoke Farisi (Persian), you are Farisi and if you spoke Arabic, guess what your name would be?

    The reason we spoke Arabic is due to the fact that the language of commerce, throughout the Islamic dynasty was Arabic. For you to economically survive, you had to speak it Barth. Prior to the introduction of Arabic, the whole greater Syria region spoke Aramaic and for the same exact reason. Canaanites and their sub division, the Phoenicians spoke Aramaic, Assyrians and their sub divisions spoke Aramaic and so on.

    By the way, guess what we call English speaking people in the Middle East? Yes sir, we call you "Engeleesey"

    As for the people jim met, most likely they are right! If jim lives in, Chicago or the mid west then most of these Christian Middle Easterns he met are either Asyrians or Caldanians.


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  2. Oh Yeah, I forgot about this lie which you repeated twice already. When did you guys decided to use it? I have to give it to you guys, there is no limit to how far you would go to promote a fraud. Now that you guys are resoved to the tragic fact that you no longer able to deny who we are, why not default to what you do best...Steal their identity and claim it to be yours. But wait a minute, I thought you claimed that there was no Palestinians in earlier posts Mom0? :D

    Good one my central Asian khazara friend.
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  3. I feel compelled to follow up with the terminology used in the same reports, when referencing Jews:

    "Jews of Palestine".............or.............."Palestinian Jewry"
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  4. In Palestine, there are Palestinian Jews, Christians, Druz and Muslims. Palestinian Jews were expelled from Palestine along with their Muslim and Christian brethrens and some of them ended up in refugee camps along with other Palestinians.

    The tragic twist of events happened when Sharon sent his rabid Falangah death squads to Sabra and Shateelah refugee camps. In there, Jewish Palestinian civilians were massacred along side their Christian and Muslim brethrens...under the watchful eyes of Sharon and his men who watch with content, from surrounding buildings roof tops, the rape and killing of innocent girls and women.
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  5. LOL Mom0! I especially loved the "Historical fart" part. Honestly man, what lead you to deteriorate that fast? :D
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  6. What time frame are you referencing ? The Jews have always had a sizable remnent in "Palestine", this is an historical fact.
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  7. Prior to the zionists washing on our shores like wet rats. from between the early 1900 until 1947- 1948.

    And no they did not Barth, they, in 1936 had only 5% of Palestine for the obvious reason that they were not agrarians.
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  8. Ricter


    Behind the goofy books and funny headgear, the fundamental battle at this point is over access to fresh water and arable land, is it not?
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  9. Hi Ricter,

    The moment the Zionists run out of water to steal, you would see the Israelis with duel citizenship, who constitute about 90% of their population, flee Palestine in droves to one of the other 3 options that they considered to steal before they decided to go for Palestine.

    The early Zionist leaders considered Uganda, Argentina and Cyprus before they finally settled on Palestine by the way.

    You will see the Mom0s of the future making the claim that "if you talk about Argentineans, most likely, you meant Jews." :D


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  10. Oh yeah and did you know most of Israels leaders were born out with Palestine as well.

    Ben Gurion born in Plońsk, Russian Empire

    Moshe Sharett born Kherson, Russian Empire, served as an officer in the Turkish army

    Levi Eshkol born Oratov, Imperial Russian Empire

    Golda Meir born Kiev, Imperial Russian Empire

    Menachem Begin born Brest, Belarus formerly Imperial Russia

    Yitzhak Shamir born Ruzhinoy, Russian Empire (now in Belarus) former terrorist

    Shimon Peres born Wiszniewo, Belarus formerly Poland
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