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  1. I said I have lost the url but I have found it again. Since you were too numerous I won't send it one by one so I post it here:

    I do not endorse any responsability :) but the since the ebook is free you don't risk anything.
  2. What a true philanthropist you are.
  3. You're wrong: I don't believe in philantropy. My site is not free for example and I have always been against the so called "free" new economy which is just a farce of slavery: people working for 0 for others profiting from their works for millions. I only believe in self interest and true economy has always been based on self interest. but self interest doesn't mean selfishness, don't mix everything.

  4. Vous avez tort: Je ne crois pas à la philantropie. Mon emplacement n'est pas libre par exemple et j'ai toujours été contre la prétendue nouvelle économie "libre" qui est juste un farce d'esclavage: peuplez travailler pour 0 pour d'autres qui profitent de leurs travaux pour des millions. Je crois seulement à l'intérêt personnel et l'économie vraie a été toujours basée sur l'intérêt personnel mais l'intérêt personnel ne signifie pas l'égoïsme, ne mélangent pas tout.

    vache mon bien Harry mon ami, vache mon bien
  5. Do not trying speak french. Your french be a lot bad.
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    I used to watch the pre-market upgrades in the crazy bull market. I never concluded that holding them for very long was good and I never concluded that over $15 price was a good thing and I never concluded that a previous downgrade was a bad thing, quite the contrary in fact.

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    The site says it is very important that you never take a loss. Is this guy saying to just hold your losers until (if?) they become profitable? I think this strategy might be just a little flawed.:)
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    To losses!!
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    LOL :D
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