The Perils and Promise of Investing in 2013

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The bears should...

  1. steal the show in '13Q1.

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  2. wake up when spring breaks.

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  3. stay in their caves indefinitely.

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    "In seems that the markets are anticipating problems. A formation known as a 'terminal diagonal' is nearing completion. The presence of this pattern can also relate to the 'presidential cycle' which historically means that markets under perform (or worse) at the end of an election cycle. This is particularly true of an incumbent. A snapshot of this pattern is shown at the top. The direction should soon turn from up to down."

    What do you guys think? Is the bears' time coming in '13 Q1, longer or stay in hibernation mode indefinitely?

  2. no votes = votes too! I just have to twist my perspective a little bit. whistling wind around here these days. what happened to the community?

  3. a lot of us investors have been fully invested a long time

    we've been waiting for a decent correction and some consolidation to add some new money we had in bonds

    but it fails to come

    so we are just sitting here making money cautiously

    we know there will come a time to get flat

    but I see nothing to make me change my position

    all the numbers look good

    and have looked good since 2009
  4. Well played! So when and at what SPX level do you anticipate adding the old bond money into equities?

    Thanks for the vote and comment.

  5. I made my last purchase at 1306

    anything after that has been based soley on dividend yield

    still sitting on cash at .01%

    that money needs to stay out of the stock market

    it's there when I need it at any time without regard to timing