The Perfect Trader and the Prop Firm

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    I agree with that about people liking where they grew up. But seriously, do you really LIKE Las Vegas? I can't imagine what it's like living there. Probably a lot of dead beat degenerate gamblers everywhere. LOL. I know they have the world's best pawn shops. All those poor tourists selling everything they've got for one for one more shot at the craps table. Seriously, it would seem so depressing after awhile. The schools must be bad too. You really like Vegas though? Really?
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    No matter how successful you guys are, you know most of us dig you Brights for that "non-pretentious" quality. Regardless of anyone's take on the prop biz, we all know there's a humanism in how you represent the trader's good life, and a straightforward integrity in the way you do business.

    It's good to see the man behind the "not an alias". It's a rarity I think a lot of us appreciate. Just throwing that out there.
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    And there are bonds, cds, derivatives, numerous strategies and on and on. You said nothing that someone without going to a prop firm could do. Obviously, you're pumping up your area without really getting to the value added by a prop firm. You definitely answered my question.
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    Oh, I think he completely nailed the 'value-added' to a top-tier Chicago or NYC futures prop firm that is highly capitalized and has access to technology and OTC products.

    Again, this is a completely different animal than your typical equity prop business model. Completely different model and approach with nothing in common.
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  5. +1 Totally Agree
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  6. (I think you're kidding me a bit about the "degenerate gamblers" but...)

    Yep, we really do like Vegas.... we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. Everyone comes to visit us, vs us going elsewhere, LOL. Away from the Strip and casino's, just like most cities.... nice neighborhoods, good schools (my wife teaches grade school).... had to deal with gigantic growth for decades, and are suffering a bit from the downturn... weather is near perfect 8 months of the year, hot in Summer, no freezing or snow to deal with...
    No State Income Taxes.

    And.... 3.5 hours from Huntington Beach for surfing (surfed for 15 years, not so much any longer, LOL). 30 minutes from water skiing. 45 minutes from Snow skiing for those who like to do that.

    All the best entertainment comes here, and is cheap.

    I drive 3.5 miles to the office when I go.

    Cost of living is very cheap.

    Bob and I like to play poker (he plays a lot).... with the likes of Jeffrey Katzenberg and other "hollywood" types who fly in here just for the "big games."

    Did I mention, no State income taxes, LOL... I know there are other places, but comared to our home State of Ca, 14% or so difference.

    But, like everything, not for everyone.... we sort of started off here, and I'm sure I posted this link before, but for the new guys.

    All the best everyone...

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  7. Thanks a lot, you have no idea how good that makes feel, especially these days...thanks again...

    Don :)
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  8. :)

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    Great Post
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    I just can imagine the feeling of thinking "How awesome is that i persevered"! Probably 90+% percent of successful traders feel that way. The process is just needed to build the character needed in order to thrive as a trader. There are no easy ways. That for me is not discouraging, it was but not now. It even drives me further because the harder the battle the greater the victory.
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