The Perfect Platform...Is There One ???

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  1. I Hear Ya ...
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  2. Do you have a link to that s/w?
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  3. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    The "pinned" windows are doing what they are programmed to do, and that is to always stay on top of anything else... an "Always On Top" feature, if you will. This is only available to popped-out windows, which are essentially windows that have been separated from eSignal acting similar to having another application running. Just as you can have another application that is on top of eSignal, so can you with a popped-out window. If that popped-out Window is marked as "Always On Top", then that window will always be above every other window... eSignal or not.

    If this is still confusing, please let me know what your overall goal is, and I'll see if there's a solution we have for you.
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  4. At the Irvine, California ETG Office

    The Servers are based in Chicago and Dallas and run on a OC192 high speed backbone ( AT&T UUNET ).

    A screaming 9.6 Gigabytes of Bandwidth.
    The equivalent of 6200 T1 lines all put together!

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  5. Hey Jay,

    Thanks for responding. Obviously I'm still tackling the un-avoidable learning curve.
    What I'm still trying to manage, is becoming familiar enough to be able utilize/organize eSig to my comfort.

    I feel (at this time) that...Main tool bar menu "slides"(ie. files,layout,etc.) and "command" (ie. order window and quote window "headings" editor) pop-ups should appear on top. Period!

    How do I arrange my layout so that ... These "tools" are not buried beneath my "pinned" window, OR my "un-pinned" window isn't minimized. This not only inconvenient, but also very frustrating.

    The only way I see It, at this point,
    is to have any pinned or un-pinned windows out of the way of the main tool bar and away from the center of the layout screen for the "command" pop-ups.

    Yes, the tool bars are move-able. but, I haven't figured out how to "pin" these into place. (Say... ON the corner of my chart.)

    Can I control where the "command" windows appear?...Do they have to appear right in the middle of the screen? Right where my preferred layout sequence has a "pinned" window.

    IMO... These (ON DEMAND windows) should have dominance over pinned windows. They should not cause un-pinned windows to minimize. This is because they are immediate and short lived.

    Being that I'm not yet completely familiar, I must being overlooking a solution to this very disappointing characteristic of an other wise phenomenal platform.

    BTW... An order window similar to IB's Workstation would certainly be more convenient to be able to have multiple orders pre arranged and ready for action upon discretion.

    Thanks for your ear , and solutions. :confused:

    P.S. ...While I'm in ask mode... is it possible to put more than 1 study in a study pane? Also, can I apply a moving average to the volume histogram?

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  6. Hey Waggie,

    Are you from Irvine?
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  7. Jay,

    I figured out the window situation. But haven't addressed the studies pane question yet. Ya know, intensive platforms should be accompanied by an interactive instructional "video". My frustration (that i guess I expressed here) rolls over from my struggles from other platforms (ie. Wealth Lab Developer, etc.) who should also consider such a study aid. BTW... The video eSig has is pretty weak ....JMHO.

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  8. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    Yes, you can overlay studies in eSignal. This FAQ covers the way this is done. In addition, this video shows how this can be done. For a complete listing of all the videos we have, please visit and click on Recorded Events. We're always open to any suggestions and comments, so if you would like to see particular subjects covered in a video, please email .

    Regarding overlaying a MA of Volume on top of the volume study, please add the VolumeMA.efs found under Chart Options --> Formulas --> Library, and then overlay the two studies as described in the FAQ/Video. Please also make sure the scaling for the VolumeMA.efs and the Volume study is set to "Scale Right" under Chart Options --> Edit Studies. This will ensure that the overlayed studies will match-up their scaling correctly.
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  9. z:bowen


    i'm starting out fresh, brand new at researching through the night, wizpiz is a that..mmhmm...just need to get one thing clear, crystaLL:

    i.e.- software like WizTrade (rrright) no,really like: medved or wealth-lab


    i.e.- a program like ami-brokers or IB (interactive brokers)


    i.e.- from a source like esignal or IQfeed

    am i right/wrong? way off/right on?
    your response is much appreciated, thank you!
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  10. Jay,

    Thank You.
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