The perfect GOP nominee, is.........

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  1. Vladamir Putin!!!

    Think about it.

    -He knows how to win elections......
    -He has extensive experience running a failed state......
    -He has the interests of big business, and business in general at heart....

    -He's "tough" on crime, SOVIET style even........

    -He has no compunction whatsoever about blasting terrorists..........

    -He's mucho macho...he can fly fish in camo pants and no shirt, and look tough, instead of ridiculous..........and a skilled judoka......

    -He has a security /intelligence backrground, adds to credibility.........

    -Since he's not "technically" the president of Russia anymore, he might have some time on his hands.........

    -He doesn't take shit from anyone, ever.

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    But, but, but....he wasn't born here!
  3. Didn't stop Obama and Chester Arthur :cool:

    I was joking
  4. I think this is the guy:

    Today's candidate is John Q. Generic.

    Reasons he will win:
    Vehemently opposes Obamacare especially the parts that were originally conservative ideas like the mandate. Has never previously supported any of it.

    Will cut taxes as a solution to any problem. Supports Ryan's plan to destroy Medicare as we know it.

    Will impale all terrorists on the Whitehouse lawn.

    Loves guns and thinks we should be allowed to bear and carry 155 mm howitzers, although they will be hard to carry considering they weigh about 80 tons. Will draw the line at nukes and chemical weapons.

    Is considering eliminating TSA by arming all white males as they board a plane if they speak English without a 'furrin accent. Just think, instead of first class, coach, etc; we'll have full auto; semi auto and revolver classes.

    Wants to eliminate all wimpy gummint agencies like Education, Energy, IRS, FEC, EPA, OSHA, NPR, NEA, etc.

    Thinks we should deregulate more allowing the elimination of the SEC, etc.

    Reason He Won't Win: Are you kidding, if this guy existed, it's the mother of all landslides.

    Rumored running mate is Jesus of Nazareth.

    The FEC initiated coverage at "Everybody else just drop out."

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    Putin would make a good <s>fuhrer</s> father.
  6. That question has to be asked alongside the question of, whose interests exactly are we advocating with this proposal?
  7. Bibbi Netanyahu would be great. The guy has balls. He ain't taking shit from Obama! [​IMG]

  8. Trifles:cool:

  9. Freedom and democracy.....A hand in the largest Oligarchs pockets......extraordinary rendition, without having to use the words....a leader not so shamefaced as to basically say,
    "Well, it's not really a democracy, if we bought the election, fair and square"

    The Republican party? America? The free world?
    Putin hates real socialists, as much as any.......Chavez, Castro, He truly despises Muslims, in all their colors....He's practically a white supremacist, really, like many Russians.

    Perfect Replublican candidate....or Democratic candidate, really.

    Who knows, he may even legislate for cheaper spirits!!!

    Vote 1, Vladamir Putin.

    It had just occurred to me that that so many ideals of the supposed Land of the free, home of the Brave.........are best espoused by the Former president of Russia.

    No namby pamby bullshit, corporations own your ass, and you deal with it or die.

    Sounds like the founding fathers to me.
  10. See, that's what I was saying, about credibility.

    I don't much care about the jewish state, whatever, fight over the levant.

    Just don't involve anyone else in it.
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