The perfect Black Friday

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  1. At a Target on Chicago's north side......

    Shoppers pushed carts......

    Some in Santa hats — roamed the store......

    There was no Christmas music — or any music — playing.

    There was no Christmas music — or any music — playing.

    Imagine that

    Now if the retailers can get rid of those dang gaudy ornaments <sarcasm>

    People walking around in Santa Hats --redneck fools.

    One lady used pepper spray on the crowd to get to the sale items. Now that's the Christmas spirit.
  2. very mild Black Friday. nobody got killed.

    "...As the clock struck midnight, bargain-fueled madness got the best of these shoppers in Little Rock, Arkansas, where a riot broke out over a two dollar waffle iron.

    In Los Angeles, a woman doused fellow shoppers with pepper spray.

    The woman allegedly tried to take out the crowd, because there were too many people between her and a coveted X-box.

    “There was just like a big fight at Games, and then people started screaming, and kids were on the floor,” said a witness. “Then, everyone just started inhaling it.”

    Cops say the female suspect managed to grab an X-box and then check out.

    Police are still searching for her.

    In Fayetteville, North Carolina, police say two suspects opened fire before one ran inside after his intended target.

    “It's scary because I have young children and my niece is with me,” explained Eddrena Wiggins.

    Black Friday even turned bloody in one Phoenix Wal-Mart.

    A grandfather was slammed to the ground by cops who thought he was stealing something.

    Witnesses say the shopper was just trying to lift his grandson out of harm's way, after the crowd went crazy for an open box of video games.

    “It just got ripped to shreds by people and you literally would have thought there was the cure for cancer in this box,” explained Skylar Stone who was there. “People were going insane.”

    Meanwhile, back here in the Capital Region, it was a busy Black Friday but no reported violence.

    The closest incident was in Rome, New York.

    Police arrested one man after two women were injured during a fight in Wal-Mart.

    Back in 2008 a Wal-Mart employee was killed in a stampede of shoppers.

    In an effort to control the crowds this year, Wal-Mart staggered its door-buster deals instead of offering them all at once."