The people of Egypt won!!

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  1. End of story
  2. Maybe, and not the end of the story by a long shot. Now the kids in the street have to answer the question that nobody knows. What comes next?
  3. Congratulations to the Egyptians!

    It would go down as one of the most civilized revolutions that history has ever known!
  4. What is next is the right question Captain. I have never underestimated the high level of civility of the Egyptian people. They will reach the shores of safety.
  5. I really don't see what all the celebrating is about. It's likely that the Army ushered Mubarak out and has no intention of handing over power to the Muslim Brotherhood or anyone else. Even if they do, Egypt is such a mess nothing will improve, and there is a very good chance things will get worse quickly.
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    Good for them. Let's hope the military is able to get the democratic process going since they have no politcal parties or any structure in place for the democratic process. So far it is the best of all outcomes. I just hope one of the generals doesn't try to take over as a strong man.
  7. I hope so, for their sake. They now have the opportunity to show the world that a predominantly Muslim people can come out from under the rule of tyrants and establish a government which isn't hell bent on death and destruction, and ends up being worse than what they had to begin with. With new found freedom comes great responsibility and many challenges. All that said, it is a great day for the people of Egypt and I congratulate them on their relatively peaceful revolution.

    One more thing. I believe Mubarak deserves some credit as well. He could have made this a whole lot uglier. While he's no saint, he could have been much more of a devil had he chosen to be during this uprising of the people. Perhaps he does truly love his country.
  8. 70 billion dollars stolen from the egypt people , 30 years under a dictatorship and they won?
    No, people of Egypt will win only when Mubarak's wealth will come back to the state and he himself will be executed.
  9. Don't worry, they will go after him and his fat cats like the Tunisian people did to Bin Ali when they instructed all international banks to freez their assets.
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