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    Back in the game after a 5 year break.

    Brief History:

    Began trading in 2001. Left a corporate job in 2003 to launch my trading career. Traded full time for about 18 months. Toward the end of that period I had 5 automated systems that traded ES and NQ. Four of those systems were long only. The systems were based on back testing which showed good results...also, one of the systems used a double down strategy which I knew would eventually blow out my account. I pulled the plug on the systems in 2006 with an overall decent gain for the account (maybe about 20%). Had I continued trading the systems it would have been disastrous come 2008.

    I learned some valuable lessons from my trading experience:

    1. Don't quit your day job unless you have a proven track record.
    2. Don't quit your day job unless you have a proven track record.
    3. Don't blow out your account.

    This brings us to today. Why am I getting back in the market now? I thought about investing in real estate lately but I am just not that passionate about it. Trading markets on the other hand gets me excited. So let's get started....
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    Trading Philosophy

    There are probable a few really good trading opportunities per year in any given market. The key is to be patient for those opportunities and strike when they present themselves.


    I will be trading futures contracts. Keeping my eye on a few right now but I expect the list to grow. All my trades will be discretionary (no more automated systems) and will be looking for the following setups:

    1. Breakouts.
    2. Buy/Sell at support.
    3. Pullbacks in trend.

    Next post I will list my current trades.
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    Strategy continued...

    I will be primarily looking at weekly charts but will also reference Monthly and Daily charts.

    Current trades:

    Short ES at 1159

    Initiated this a couple of weeks ago. Bought pull back off the bounce. I anticipate we will hit 1000. Stop is currently at 1225.

    Long USD Index (DX) at 77.990

    I just initiated this trade. Stop is at 74.00. I am betting we will hit 88 for the following reasons:

    1. Bouncing off of Long term support...see chart:

    2. Good chance Gold is at an intermediate top.

    3. Issues in Europe are making the dollar look attractive relative to the Euro.

    4. Previous high is around 88.
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    ES short is not looking good...stop is at 1221 (December contract).

    Let's see what tomorrow brings.
  5. why 1221?
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    1221 is close to the high price since bouncing off the lows. If we go past that point I feel there is a good chance of us running to 1250.
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    My ES short is barely hanging in there and the DX long is looking solid as price action has been an orderly pull back from the highs.

    I am feeling good myself with the reality of trading futures (i.e. swings in account equity).
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    ES short is still alive! Stop order at 1221 has not been hit.

    I anticipate that once ES starts a swing to the down side we should get a nice move in the dollar to the upside.
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    great day to be short ES and long DX! let's see if we can get some follow through on Thursday.
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    Still short ES and long DX.
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