The Path to Peace - Convert to Islam

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  2. Thanks anyway, but I'd rather take my chances of getting ****ed by 72-virgins WITHOUT becoming a suicide bomber. :D



    ps: I think this guy may have a better idea.
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    Gee, why these people just can not understand that in the world of nuclear bobms any country that has capability of delivering them anywhere in the world would rather blow itself and the rest of the world up than be conquered.

    Why can't just they accept this fact and try to live in peace with others. No need to worry about US influence, in about 30 years China will be as strong.

    Ignorant and weak 1 billion will not win over other 5.
  4. Well it may take another 9/11 or similar event, but if the USA gets its back against the wall, I am SURE that eventually the public will say "why don't we just bomb these towelhead sons-of-bitches into oblivion and be done with it?" "We tried negotiating, we tried appeasement, we tried conventional weapons and military invasion, and nothing has worked...we are still targets, so lets just cut to the chase and drop tactical nukes on every major city in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and any country that harbors terrorists and send this one last message...IF YOU DO NOT STOP WE WILL DESTROY YOU....THE WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT WILL CEASE TO EXIST....YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR GOD, YOUR HOMES, YOUR LAND EVERYTHING YOU KNEW AND LOVED....WILL BE TURNED INTO AN UNINHABITABLE NUCLEAR WASTELAND....ALLAH CANNOT HELP YOU NOW.....

    I am pretty sure THAT is the path to peace....
  5. you dont need to do that. All you have to do is to turn off the money spigot. And the funding of madrasas will stop.

  6. I will bet my way happens first
  7. Genocide as a path to peace, who are you, a member of the 4th Reich?

  8. Interesting observation.

    Terrorists intend to kill all who are not Muslim. THAT IS their stated intent...ALL OF US...

    If you are not a Muslim that means YOU TOO....

    My approach is a simple one..If you can't beat'em, join'em...

    At this point in time, the US has all the bad ass weapons, and IF they wanted to turn them loose, 2,500 bad ass spec op people who know how to use them...I would be willing to go ONE more round turning the dogs lose on those bastards...and then

    Its mushroom cloud time...

    I can think of other places to vacation...

    Genocide, your godamn right....and I wouldn't lose a minute of sleep about it...
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    I do not believe that nukes are the answer, I believe that directed energy weapons like microwaves and such can be utilized better for eradication.

    we need satellites that will simply microwave an entire region like iran for example.

    now look, I am not stupid, WTC7 was pulled by USA

    but what is done is done, now its microwave time
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    Not quite.

    The Islamic terrorists want to also kill Muslims who do not share their view of Islam.

    I doubt you know this, but there are many branches of Islam, including the extremists.

    It is no different from extreme Christian organisations (who are mostly American - lets keep the argument balanced eh?), carrying out their perverted ideals of a religion - like that American kiddy toucher/'Christian' sect leader caught last week.

    Unfortunately, the American media and government would rather keep the American people in total ignorance about these matters. It is easier to tar all Muslims with the same brush in order to give support to their campaign to control oil.

    Clearly, many of the retards on ET have bid this full size, without stopping to think or find out the truth.
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