The Path to Heaven or Hell

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    Trading is a Career Professional where ones need a Higher Education. Those that took that path of Higher Education and went on to work in the institutional are in Heaven (Holy Grail)

    Those who decide not to take Higher Education path, but rather subscribed 3rd party educational/signal vendors they will be rich quick are in hell. They will stay in the Ghettos

    Im looking for the best answer
  2. Haha, please tell me you didn't actually spend any time putting that together?
  3. my thoughts exactly....EMG is a perennial ET loser....

    We all know that he's in the Ghettos category....
  4. Corzine disagreed. This is the best answer to your title.

    I find two things amuzing:

    1. Lehman brothers is not on your list. MFglobal is not either.
    The by-product of my thought is: do they trade? or do they just front-run? If neither, do they solicit from clients? If they do, are they called "investment bankers"? If they are investment bankers, do they trade? (oh, I already asked this question). If they don't trade, who the hell are they? (oh, I already answered that question).

    To be blunt, I despise them.

    2. some small traders will "advance" to the prop firm level.

    Advance? It sounds there is a lot of efforts behind it.
    Wow, that was a dizzyingly high level: prop firm.

    Looked again, and found some more amusing things:

    3. "Required deposit: 10k" for "higher bracke" prop firm. "higher deposit for" lower level prop firms: like 20k or 30k.

    emg's logic is: the lower deposit, the higher "bracket." I called a firm, they only asked for 5k. I guess the firm must a "Super High" prop firm.

    emg, you sound and think stupidly.
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    The point of the chart is to help small traders achieved higher education and not stay in the ghettos.

    Higher Education is the key to become a successful traders. Those that do not believe in higher education but rather stay at home and figuring out how to create a holy grail system will fail. U will continue to reload your account over and over again until u are dead broke while the others that are in the higher bracket are stepping up in the world of trading.

    It is your choice small traders on what u want to do. Small traders are refer to those want to trade as a career not those trading as a hobby. Those trading as a hobby can disregard the chart because u are there to have fun.

    More than 90% of small traders lose! They just lose!!
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    emg, are you kidding me with that mess of a chart you posted? Merrill Lynch in the top bracket? No way! LOL!
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    Actually a 10% success rate is way easier than making it big as an artist, a musician, a professional athlete, an entertainment star, a CEO of a mid-sized to larger company or may be even a medical doctor.
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    This thread belongs in Chit Chat. It is just another sour grapes thread by the OP, a failed trader.
  9. Which way is the surest way to earn 1 million dollars the fastest(path to heaven) if I have 200k to either blow on MIT or to start learning how to trade today?

    Would I be best served to.....

    1.Go to MIT for 4-6 years get slim to no screentime but a good "in" for contacts and a good "name" and "rep" to go work for someone else.

    2.Self study for 4-6 years using the 200k to cover frugal living expenses, getting 10,000hrs of real hard knox experience during that time, and have a 50k-100k nut at the end to trade with after my self education.

    Which way is the surest way to earn 1$million dollars the fastest?

    Your chances are slim either way lol. So arguing that you need to go to MIT is pointless. You either have what it takes to be in the 1% or you don't . MIT or not. I personally rather not go the route where I have people telling me how to live and when to show up to work. This is coming from someone who is not washed amoung the pure of degree holders though so Your milage may vary

  10. Looks like the chart was made on a netbook with the fonts mixed up
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