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    By $200k I mean 100k GBP. Coupled with inflation, high taxes and less 'bang for the buck', retiring at 40 might be a tad optimistic. Also, the ultimate goal is more akin to a long, fulfilling and challenging career, plus absolute financial freedom rather than a comfortable, early retirement.

    Didn't mean to sound defensive, only meant legitimate wrt the above. I don't claim to be a good judge of anything. :D

    To my limited knowledge/insight, the friend/fund-manager has a good awareness of fundamentals, technicals and macroeconomics; he's comfortable with complex mathematical models while being a largely discretionary trader; he has had unusual success trading different instruments in different time-frames; he retains humility and rigor in spite of his success. The fund is more of a recent development, but seems to be doing well and steadily growing.
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  2. What programmes have you considered at IE? The MBA?

    There is a Master in Finance which seems more suitable and relevant - if your aim is to network with professionals in the field and refocus your career towards this particular industry:

    (I am considering this route as well, btw)
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    The whole purpose of the MBA for career changers is to enable new options.

    Not to mention the cachet of a top-tier MBA.
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  4. achilles28


    Agree with Ammo and others.

    Take the Mentorship.

    You'll know within 6-12 months whether a) this guy is the real deal. And b) whether he'll pass on Keys to the Vault. You'll know by how proftiable you are.

    If it doesn't work out, you a) still got the 200K job. And b) Can still pursue an MBA.

    Nothing lost except a year of over-priced grad school for a shot at the Big Leagues.

    Be prepared to spend every off-hour studying charts and price action. 2 days a week, won't cut it.

    Work - mentorship - study charts - work - mentorship - study charts.
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  5. Joab


    Qualify the mentor ship to the nth degree.

    IF this guy is consistent past 12 years take the mentorship.

    IF not pass and go to school.
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    Joab and Achilles, thank you for your advice, and a collective depth of wisdom that can't be ignored.

    Great expression. :)

    De ja vu?...
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    Two and a half years ago, I entered this world with big dreams and a pounding heart.

    I leapt onto the coattails of a chance acquaintance, paying for the ride. Options were his game, and his battle-scars ran three-decades deep. We played covered calls, with LEAPS and front-month at-the-money. 12% in two months, ground zero by the fourth. The jaunt over, the driver bid adieu.

    An insatiable mind pulled me ever deeper into the seedy byways of misdirection, misinformation and opposing opinions. I drowned thousands of hours in charts and lines and jarring bells and whistles, and finally couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

    Read another best-seller, jumped on the author’s monthly bandwagon, took him out when he came to town. Two Bloody Mary’s and the voice of the market confessed his grand goal, to make enough… to pay the bills.

    Crack. The dream lay in pieces on the floor.

    Without pause for breath, Real Life intervened, jerking me up the career ladder. Longer hours, added duties and the never-ending cycle of exams and applications, the next rung always just in sight. The pipe dreams were relegated to a distant memory.

    Scaled the wall, swam stormy seas, then tossed into a lagoon, dead-calm and sheltered, and the restless disquiet began anew, a yearning for a different path, a new beginning.

    A friendly smile with open palms offers to show me the way.
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  8. you pick the one u like and lemme have the leftover one :D
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  9. Well, pick B of course if you want to trade.

    I have a top tier MBA, and it doesn't help a bit with trading. Damn thing cost a lot too!
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  10. Well, if you want the absolute best international MBA on the planet, go to Thunderbird. Weird name, and based in Arizona of all places, but that is all the school does. One degree, grad school only, students from all over the world. Most importantly, ranked #1 every year. I believe its been ranked #1 in the US eleven years in a row. Ahead of Harvard, etc in international biz. Ranked #1 in the entire world just the last few years.

    Formal name is Thunderbird School of International Management.

    Yes, I went there. VERY good, but also very expensive.
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