The party of insanity...

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  1. When Doug Hoffman blamed ACORN for his loss in the NY-23 special House election, he was apparently channeling the GOP base. A new Public Policy Polling survey found that a majority of Republican voters think that ACORN stole the presidential election for Barack Obama last year.

    Fifty-two percent of national GOPers said ACORN stole Obama the presidency; only 27% think he won it legitimately.

    Overall, 62% of Americans think Obama legitimately won the election. Only 26% think ACORN stole it for him, with most Democrats and independents dismissing the idea.

    TPM's Eric Kleefeld points out that, given the 53% to 46% divide between Obama and Sen. John McCain in the 2008 race, "in order to believe that Obama wasn't the true winner of the 2008 election, one would have to think that ACORN (and perhaps other groups) stuffed ballots to the tune of over 9.5 million votes."

    Dave Weigel writes that this idea has been circulating among conservatives for a while.
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    The electorate of insanity.
  3. Dennis Kucinich. Nuff said.
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    He didn't steal the election. He was given the presidency by an electorate that simply refused to believe he would govern with a mindset like the radicals he spent his entire life with (voters were hoping he would be the man they wanted him to be, not who he actually is), by a GOP RINO candidate that didn't really want it, and most importantly, by an adoring MSM that picked him up and carried him across the finish line with no vetting whatsoever.

    Sounds legitimate to me.
  5. HE is a talisman rather than a bona fide president.
  6. This is just an ignorant statement. Acorn stole thousands of votes in each state. It only took a few states to give the electoral vote win to Obama. The amount of stolen votes exceeded the margin of victory in several states.
    It has nothing to do with 9.5 million votes.
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    face it, the gop should just change their acronym to the KKK.All their arguments against this pres is based on racist innuendo at best.
  8. Honestly it wasn't close enough for ACORN to steal.
    Of course that is exactly one aim of ACORN.

    Mc cain could have won had he not been for the bailouts. 85% of the public was against the bailouts at the time and this moron mccain refused to be conservative (nothing new there) and what's more refused to differentiate himself from a charismatic opponent.

    Conservative voters simply remembered how many times he's stabbed them in the back, they stayed home.

    Not exploiting the appeal of his running mate didn't help.