the Party is over--roll over alert !

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  1. today is smoke and mirrors. yeah,we still trade but we are ready to roll over with about a 1500 point drop very quickly. all my technicals are screaming short.
    wait,someon just said go long because i am now looking to go short. whatever .....
  2. better tell us what went wrong with your previous career
  3. Well, I agree with you so you really should do the opposite of what I say.
  4. The S&P is at 1241 so I doubt it will ever drop 1500 points from here. :D
  5. jokepie


    I am with you bud. If we Gap up and get a tripple digiit up day .

    "WE" should close all shorts .... :D
  6. either you go long or go sidelines in teh index stocks

    fed is on build confidence and needs to see the index green everyday or the guys in wall street yell at ben..why isn't the market going up.

    obama giving olive branch to business and asking buffet and gates for advice is like sucking up to wall street.

    ben is sucking up to wall street..

    it seems guys like buffet who control the market own the country.

    untile the fed or the gov't get out of the free market capitalism this market could go zimbabwe style and the US as country goes bankrupt and the FED is forced to raise rates to choice as inflation is 5%

    never fight the fed is the motto.....the fed can print money to buy the market. it cost them nothing to print USD. why do you think there is inflation and oil is $90/barrel cotton has tripled..

    inflation is going to kill jobs. as demand drops from goods and services...demand for gas is dropping but price keeps going up...

    you going to get for the stocks market it's low easy access to money...

    in 1982..volcker than fed didn't care about the stock market. now the fed is like in bed with the scum filtry greedy rich in wall street. i mean guys like buffet and gates ....they are the idle rich.

    i;m the firm believer that the free market is alwasy right in the end..and markets based on true force of supply and demand.

    this market is very very thin and hindenberg OMEN is that it's rally on few index stocks....

    natural gas cannot be manipulated hence the oversupply of natural demand hasn't increased...

    everybody is paying for the fed quantitative easing...transfer of money to wall street scum banks who are using the money to manipulate markets

    the omen is that only a handful of stocks are participating an volume is thin thin thin.

  7. ahhhh....not another top is in thread!!! LMAO
    This site cracks me up! :)
  8. technical analysis don't work on manipulated markets or rigged markets..

    600 billion can buy the market float.

    only 1% of outstanding shares are traded or float or less than that. the market is very thin...if you ahve 60 billion you can control he market

    you get head fakes like market moving 1% in 10 minutes or gaps in seconds. cause this market is thin...huge gaps up or down..flash crashes in ETF cause nobody is participating except machines trading 100 shares.

  9. I'll guess limited shelf life. [​IMG]
  10. this could be the new support.

    yeah this could be support if the FED keeps doing QE and buying stocks in the open market.

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