The Parasite Class

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  1. "Let's just call these people what they are. You know who I mean: the corporatist cannibals, the media morlocks, the political predators, the finance fucksters, the top 1% in income / bottom 1% in morality. They suck the blood of our economy and of our families. They collude to create more and more ways to rob us, and then act all indignant if anybody has the temerity to point out that "their" wealth was actually created by the other 99% of us. Collectively, they are the Parasite Class."
  2. Don't forget traders all they do is steal people's money for a living.
  3. And you your friends continue to post the 'I'm not a a trader' from AK. So, I guess AK is the moral superior on here.

    Ah, Pt, just saying.

    I prefer to think of real trades as those who provide the liquidity needed for the markets to help pension funds, widows and children. Or something like that.
  4. So are you saying you are a parasite dipshit or do you think my post might have been SARCASM?
  5. I actually wish I could say I've been doing that. But right now my system is "under revision" , so I'm not running it . I am just not good enough right now to be a parasite. Good thing I do productive work also with my business.
  6. You should know by now the anointed ones like ft , fc know capitalism is incapable of providing goods or services without a high degree of tinkering and managing by govt geniuses .
  7. If you own or run a business you are still stealing from people , where the hell do you think your profits come from?

    Don't whine and cry just because you are a lousy thief and can't be a 1 percenter, you still are a parasite .
  8. You really don't strike me as a business man.:eek:

    Where'd you get the money?..:cool:
  9. Capitalism is great at that. It's just not sufficient alone for a fair, just and intelligently planned society.
  10. Ah, I get your sarcasm PT, not to worry. You know how hard it is to try to make some sense on this board? And, if you will please take this seriously, I mean you, me, a couple of the righties and couple of the lefties. Getting past 'stuff' is 'tough' I guess.

    I would love to see some discussion instead of the 'my xxxx is bigger than your xxxs' kinda stuff, or chest beating, whatever you want to call it.

    I will be heading home soon, finally, and looking so forward to it. I may not be on ET as much, but I'll be able to be with my family. My point is, let's discuss stuff while I still have some down time.
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