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  1. I am going to start keeping a journal of my trades, more for fun and someting to track for me than anything else. I will lay it all out here for you to observe, bash, trash and watch me make cash (I hope).

    I am up a little over 100% this year so far and will not count what I have done before today.
  2. Bot 25 Southern Company (SO) $35 May 2008 Puts (SOQG) $1.90

    Bot 10 AGL Resources (ATG) $40 June 2008 Puts (ATGRH) $4.00

    Bot 20 Plum Creek Timber (PCL) $40 May 2008 Puts (PCLQH) $2.00

    Bot 20 US Steel (X) $90 Dec 2007 Puts (XXR) $7.00

    The only position I do want to bring forward was recently acquired, and my only stock holding at this time, Accentia Biopharmaceuticals (ABPI). I Hold 10,000 at $2.41.
  3. 1 trade today,

    Bot 20 SPY $149 Dec 2007 Puts (SFBXS) $4.40
  4. Sold half out (10) at $6.80 for a $2,400 gain.

    Cumulative closed position P/L= +$2,400
  5. Sold the other half, (last 10) at $5.50

    Trade P/L= +$1,100
    Cumalative P/L= +$3,500
  6. Sold 20 PCLQH for $2.50

    Trade P/L= +$1,000
    Cumalative P/L= +$4,500

    Sold 20 XXR for $7.44

    Trade P/L= +$880
    Cumalative P/L= +$5,380

    Closed these out do to thin holiday trading and historicals.
  7. Bot 25 ETrade (ETFC) $3 April 2008 Calls (EUSDG) $2.00

    90 cents intrinsic value with 5 months of time, very good risk/reward.
  8. what are you using for your trade criteria? Just a cheap option, or technical analysis, or both?
  9. Buying nearly 5 months of time for $1.10 on a stock that is about as cheap as it will get unless it goes under. More of a fundamental and risk/reward play than anything. They look like a buyout candidate on the cheap for a capitilaized firm to acquire all the accounts and existing banking business on the cheap.

    Anyway, it is worth my 5K of risk and better than buying the shares as it already has a good delta and halves the exposure.
  10. Bot 20 SPY $143 Dec 2007 Calls (SFBLM) $3.90
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