The Palin scandals ...

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    Here's what McSame's albatross has racked up so far:

    Nowheregate - she was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it.

    Troopergate - misusing the powers of her office to get her hated ex-brother-in-law fired.

    Bastardgate - her youngest spawn is probably her illlegitimate grandspawn.

    Wow, and she's not even 24 hours on the national viewscreen yet. :D
  2. Troopergate, bastardgate, nothing proven at all, just demonization from the elite party that is here to help the little guy..... How is it that helping the little guy is so profitable? Pelosi, Clintons, Boxer, Feinstein, all rich sons of a bitches and I guess they got it by helping the little guys all along the way... LOL
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    Nowheregate proves that "Lady Honesty" is a shameless liar, right from her first national speech where she claimed she was never for the bridge to nowhere.

    Troopergate shows she likes to abuse her power.

    And if you think the Republicans are "helping the little guy", it shows you shouldn't be allowed outdoors without a chaperone.
  4. here's a few pictures for you to chew on:

    Sarah Palin in February 2008 when she was six months pregnant:


    Family picture from February 2008 (Bristol Palin to the right)


    Family picture from March 2008 (hmm what do you notice that is different):

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    It never ceases to amaze me at the shear number of dumb fuck, shit for brains, panty waist, bleeding heart, moonbat, socialist, liberals that are attracted to this site. Especially given that it is ( or at least used to be) a site devoted to trading (capitalism).

    Fortunately I'm not nearly as obsessed with politics as some of you poor bastards are but from what I've seen so far. Palin has more going for her than Osama, Biden and McCain combined.

    Now if Palin is indeed the "albatross" the left hopes she is. Then why does the left seem to be shitting in their panties, instead of celebrating McCain's choice?
  6. WoW !!!!!!!!:eek:

    The Dem's need to aggressively attack this broad
  7. Nah, they need to handle her with kid gloves. They can just attack her on her crazy right-wing policy views not on her personal affairs. Let the media and bloggers do the dirty work. They shouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole. I do find it very interesting how in April 2008 Palin (then 8 months pregnant) traveled to Texas to give a speech at a convention. Before the speech her water broke and she then flew 3000 miles back to Alaska (after she gave the speech!) and then drove 50 miles to the hospital. What woman is going to believe that she flew 3000 miles AFTER going into labor? This will become an issue of judgment more than anything I think. Oh, and google this if you don't believe that this story is true. It is all on the record.
  8. brocklanders,

    was this just before she sold that jet on eBay?
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    I AM celebrating, you fool! She's going to drag McSame down faster than an anchor. Finding her flaws is cause for celebration. This is what you reichtards do, why all the whining when it's done to you? Fuckin' crybaby.
  10. she misrepresents about he bridge in her FIRST speech in order to crate an image that she is somehow different and more special than other politicians. It will likely turn out that she is a lying POS like most of them are!

    Horse's ass Bush, regardless of your party affiliation, LIED to the US in orer to get into Iraq. I actually used to like the guy. What a sucker I was!
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