The pain.

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  1. I agree. After reviewing the losses I have found my stops too tight for the current mkt. Thankfully I keep the risk constant so i`m not getting chopped to bits...just a few mosquito bites.

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  2. Words of wisdom. I`m not as emotional as I used to be..but it shows its ugly head at times like this. Reading that damn PnL thread during a losing streak doesn't help me either. :) One of the worst things we can do is try and compare ourselves to others.

    I dont swing a stick your size yet...guess its all relative though. For me a 1500.00 loss hurts.

    Good trading to you also.
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  3. Doesn't mean anything but that you don't sufficiently know your system.
    As an example, a highly profitable system might in 10 trading days very well exhibit 6 contiguous highs and 9 contiguous lows.
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  4. What instruments are you trading, how frequent? Daytrading? I might be able to help.
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  5. Your right. I`m going to do some testing this weekend based on my trades for the year. I may be spinning my wheels...
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    avg per per trade 3.77 days
    avg per per winner 4.06
    per loser 3.58

    with my current losing streak i`m at 40% winners 60% scratch trades.
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  7. head to Margaritaville for a few weeks. Come back trading 100 share lots till you get your grove back....:D
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  8. MAN, you are fine! I thought you are in trouble! You are not! What data provider do you use? If you have eSignal or TradeStation I might be able to swing you a few indicators that I wrote that might help you.

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  9. Thats a mighty generous offer. Thank you.
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  10. Cesko


    Out of 26 trades:10 losers, 15 breakevens(tiny profits, tiny losses cancelling each other out after commission)), 1 profit

    It happened after I "figured out" I could afford to tighten my stops, generally speaking.
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