the package(s) - do it

Discussion in 'Economics' started by mind, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. mind


    i think it won't work. no matter what package, no matter
    how big. the economy cannot bail itself out and finally
    all the money the government has, is out of that very

    BUT, if we are honest to ourselves, nobody KNOWS - we
    all, explicitly including me, are just GUESSING. after the
    fact somebody will have been proven right. inevitably.
    before the fact the story is different.

    truth is that the economy is too complex a thing to
    predict it. in pyhsics, as far as i know (an i am not a
    physicist), you cannot accurately calculate the gravitational
    effects between more than two objects. in economics
    you do not only have humans instead of objects, you
    actually have billions of them instead of two or three.
    this is the actual reason why everything seems to be
    chaotic. it is not that our best minds are unfortunately
    in phyiscs and not in economics. it is more the case
    that physics problems, including particle colliders, are
    very simple compared to the dynamics of the economy.

    i do not think the package(s) will do very much additional
    harm. the whole thing is already fu**ed. so let them
    all go ahead with it.