The owner of the site, please explain.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by NoMoreOptions, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. The owner of the site,

    Please explain why the thread "closing my trading account today too." was moved to chit chat? Why is it not related to trading? One of your moderators threaten me using private message. I told him/her that the accusation is nonsense. He gave no explanation whatsoever. If you still want your site to have creditability, give a sound explanation. If it is because some punks pollute this thread with irrelevancy, please delete their posts and move the thread back. If it is the wrong doing of the moderator, do not let one bad rotten apple ruin the whole tree. Suspend him or her.

    I give you my frustration. Please respond. Thank you.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    It's not related to trading because if it was, I would understand the first post in your thread. But unfortunately, it doesn't make any sense so it was moved.

    If you don't want your threads moved in the future, please make them clear enough to ensure that the moderators and the other members know what you are talking about.
  3. With all the respect, I don't agree with you. I think it is your misjudgment. It is not necessarily nonsense if you don't understand it or agree with it. You should not make yourself superior and rush to action before the other members (other than those punks) have time to read and express their opinion. Therefore, I call for a referendum if the thread should be moved back.



    I'm guessing English is not your first language. Your initial post that was moved to Chit Chat rambles on about "They" ... after reading it multiple times I'm guessing you're just another naive, novice investor (or trader) who thinks everyone is working against him/her (like the market makers, SEC, etc. etc. etc.). Bottom line is I'd bet you've lost money trading and want to blame it on someone, anyone other than yourself! If that's the case then I can only say no one forces you to buy or sell at any point in time or even participate in the markets. If you're just whining about having lost money then I'd say it certainly is not about "trading".
  5. You made me believe that the reason for moving my thread is either my English or my trading skill. This is simply wrong. Period.

  6. Or could it be that your type of attention-getting vanity thread gets created all the time on ET, and detracts from the professional and high level discussion goals for the site-so it was moved to where it wouldn't show up on the home page listing time and again?

    Do you think it could be that? I think do.

    I don't have anything against you. I haven't actually read your thread. But I've seen them enough to know that they're actually quite amateurish, repetitive and boring. Nothing personal.

  7. you know what is amateurish, repetitive and boring ?

    People affiliated with the site making up dozens of aliases and annoying the actual users.

    look at your top 10 posters list.....about 4 of them actually have traded securities.

    Look at "Joe Member", you think anybody believes that is a real person ? Go ahead and lie to yourself, nobody does, not even your advertisers.
  8. NoMoreOptions -

    Sounds like your misunderstanding here is that you think that ranting about trading (or specifically in your case - delusions of some kind of conspiracy to take your money) is the same thing as trading.

    Ranting about trading related subjects is Chit Chat - NOT a discussion of trading itself. This is especially true when your post is virtually unintelligible as your opening post was in the thread you reference.

    Baron moving your thread to Chit Chat had nothing to do with his "agreeing" with you - anyway, it's not possible to agree or disagree with a post that made no sense like that one.

    Regardless of the poster, if they can't formulate coherent topical posts (whether English is their primary language or not is irrelavent), you should probably continue to expect Baron or one of his moderators to keep moving the posts to Chit Chat.

    Trying to read through the gibberish, it sounds like you think there's some grand conspiracy to cheat you out of your trading dollars. Now you seem to think there's yet another conspiracy on ET to nullify what presumably you think are important posts on "trading".

    Seeing conspiracies at the root of everything has clinical overtones.

    You're not really Hillary Clinton are you?? :)