The Overnight Drift Higher In Index Futures

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  1. You guys have to admit 90% of the time the futures are up overnight.

    I saw a report that OVER half of the gains in ES occur overnight. Why not trade when every other smuck is told not to.

    All these ES tick pikers sit hunched over there key boards all day fighting for a few ticks. Just buy near the cash market close. Earnings are pretty much over so it's much safer now.

    Watch what happens after 7:00pm cst. The real move happens around 2:30am cst, like clock work.
  2. This was last night in Dow Mini Futures
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  3. Inverse H&S pattern in ES 3 minute chart. The standard H&S patterns the bearish ones have not been working the bull have been mopping the floor with the intraday set ups.

    But this bullish pattern should follow thru on the upside.
  4. Sorry here is the intraday chart of ES. We may get a dip down to 902-906 area so look sharp.
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  5. WOW, thanks for that 90% statistic. Now I can make my billions.

    All those days with the charts showing the futures in the red at 09:30 EDT sure had me fooled.:D
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  6. What days?
  7. yo definitely smokin crack, 90%.. shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    Yo know anything bout real statistics

  8. Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you with the hunched back piker comment.

  9. Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you with the hunched back piker comment.
  10. Pull up a five minute of....SPY...DIA. You can see the gaps.
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