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    Public Unions and .... Trail Lawyers.

    Why do these economy destroying leeches get to exist? They own the democrats and liberals hate private enterprise.

    100 private jobs gone, human greed and stupidity protected by demos

  2. Nanny state liberals want every risk removed, no matter how remote. Personal responsibility? Forget it.

    Trial lawyers are for the most part dirtbags, but the blame really lies with judges and legislators, either of which could stop this insanity. of course, you have to blame idiot jury members who have been indoctrinated to believe it is "fair" to sock a faceless corporation with a big judgment to "help" some sympathetic person.
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    I think it's also about greed and that they also want private enterprise destroyed.
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    Sure, I didn't say kill them, poor choice of words on my part.

    Why do they get to do their destructive and greedy thing? They have a protective shield called the democrats.
  6. Personal responsibility on a level playing field, great.

    Personal responsibility in the face of gentlemen's agreements, redlining, and crony capitalism, forget it.

    We are not that stupid, AAA, sorry.
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    so let me understand, because you believe that the 'playing field' is not level, the people should not try and take responsibility for their own lives?

    let's apply that to the situation in the news. Because I feel like I can't compete economically, then why not pour gas onto a campfire and sue if I get hurt?
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    Where does Capital get its destructive and greedy thing? (Human nature.) It has a protective shield called the republicans.
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    Happy trails, pardner.
  10. Sums up liberal philosophy pretty well. It's always someone else's fault. Don't bother to try because the decks stacked. How's that working out for ya?

    I'm talking about personal responsibility in the context of a products liability case, specifically one in which someone poured gas into an open fire despite three spearate warnings on the gas can not to. Somehow a judge and jury think it's the company's fault. Why not sue Exxon as well?
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