The "Other Budget"

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  1. This has to be racketeering. How is this NOT racketeering.
    These are the sort of people who never go to jail. The Fed is like Vatican city a unicameral authority with THE printing press of printing presses.
  2. so evil
  3. What kind of return could you make trading if you too can get a 50x1 margin account directly from the fed at 2%?

    You get to keep 100% of the gains and are only responsible to take 10% of the losses.. The fed will eat 90%. All equities and derivatives are held by the fed in your special TALF trading account.

    Oh yeah.. you can fund your account by turning in toxic crap assets and we'll give you 100% credit of your purchase price or 100% of your maximum unrealized gain. No $3k annual loss limits here... Roll all of your lifetime losses into your TALF account and at minimum you get instant 90% recovery.