The Origins of World War III

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    Boils down to one item.....


    The US develops its own domestic sources....

    The article goes away....


    Had the US spent 1/100th of the $ on energy development that it has spent on the military....

    Problem already solved....

    So what does this suggest ?
  2. That Eisenhower was right all along. Fear the Miltary Industrial Complex. Hey why not just tap what we got, natural gas, cost effective, cleaner, etc.
  3. My prediction is that within next 2 years there will be World War III.
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    I predict you're wrong. See you in 2 years on this thread where we can have an "I told you so" e-fight :mad: :mad: :mad:

  5. I agree with you sadly. US or Israel bombs Iran, Russia a big trading partner of Iran stands up to US and breaks out secret tech. Battle in the Mid East again. Maybe we should just turn it in to sheet of glass already, J/K.
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    There won't be a WWIII - quite honestly, there are no worthy opponents to fight with. Ever been to Russia?? Furtermore, the US has no incentive to invade another country, and no country will EVER invade the US.
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    I see no WWIII. Always cold wars, proxy fights. There could be a black swan event out of North Korea. Next thing I could see China taking Taiwan. We wouldn't do anything about it, we are handing them oil from Iraq and Afghan to keep um happy. China has no need to fear our global positioning if they are on the take too. Us and them, Europe... you figure out what you are all about. Soft communism or w/e you got going on over there. As far as Taiwan goes, we stopped selling them weapons, "if" they fight back, they may last 48 hrs.
  8. A couple years ago a Chinese general stated that they needed to invade Siberia for oil & other resources.
  9. I actually believe WW III already began on 911. As much as hate OBL he is damn smart. For 250k he took down the remaining superpower. He whopped 2 superpower asses with almost nothing with some SAM's we gave him and hijacking our planes.

    Don't believe me. The US is now bankrupt. Like a smart opponent, like the Viet Cong he hide in shadows and abushed us. It was the perfect asymmetrical tactical move.

    WW III will happen in the Mid East. No one is gung ho to invade Russia Hitler proved that a losing cause. The US don't think so surronded by water with friends to the North and peasants to the South.

    There is a reason the US stockpiled troops on the Mid East. Just wait and see. I hope I am proven wrong I really do.

    The other reason it will happen that no one has mentioned so will be good for the economy. Wars are good for economies as disguisting as that is. We, the US, sells a whole lot of guns and ammo. Haliburton rebuilds stuff too.
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