The options market seems untradeable now

Discussion in 'Options' started by floho, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. floho


    If a stock doesn't move 10 percent a day, you don't make money. Bid and asks that used to be .05 apart are now 1.50 plus apart. We should all protest and remove ourselves from this option market till the market makers, brokerages etc. make this a fair trading field.
  2. why not sell options instead
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  3. FriskyCat


    Bid/offer spreads, like the O.P. said.
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  4. Then why don’t you sell us options for ”fair” prices then? Better yet, why aren’t you selling any options if the prices are too high?

    Jesus.. ET has been an asylym lately..
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  5. How tight markets would you like to make considering the volatility?
  6. FriskyCat


    Pick your fights elsewhere. I'm just making an observation.
  7. I just asked you a question. Considering the market volatility wider spreads are justified.
  8. ironchef


    They get you going in and coming out with mile wide bid/ask.

    One thing I finally accept: mm like the house in Vegas, will take a cut no matter what.
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  9. FriskyCat


    Not in disagreement, I'm just saying that perhaps the O.P. is at a disadvantage either buying or selling the options given the vol levels. (hence the bid/ask spreads).

    That said back in 2000 when there was a ton more liquidity I could trade options with tight spreads (even during the NDX collapse in Mar-Apr that year).
  10. zdreg


    If you don't like the spread tighten the spread by putting in your bid higher than the current bid or lower than the current offer. There may be somebody willing to hit your bid or willing to lift your offer.
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