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Discussion in 'Options' started by BOB ZOB, Dec 19, 2005.

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    There is a bit of interest in that sites program. I will tell you what they do for FREE... It's simple, they use the 13 diferent stocks that are highly liquid. On the Friday before options expiration they typically buy the near the money CALL options sometime during the trading day. That gives a full 5 trading days for it to move hopfully up in value. Now they do say to consider waiting until the Monday before expiration Friday. These are a very short term play yet not totally a bad idea as there is the most activity in volatilaty on options due to the expiration date being near stimulate some stock volume activity. It's not a big secret, just a bunch of movement to position for profit. That can help swing it "if" it goes in your favor, "if"!! This strategy works anytime but better closer to expiration in large part as the Greeks effecting the options movement are minimumized when "time" is reduced. So, there you have it. They want $999.00 for that. It is a neat looking site once you're in it but why bother now you know what they do. They do not play every month. I was a former user of it when it was only 99 bucks. I recommend some technical analysis before you try their methods and just shotgun it on some Friday before expiration and hope it works out. Again, that strategy can work on a lot of other stocks too. A short term play like this WILL frazzel your nerves! Just like day trading does..
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    Bob, do you use the front month options or do you go 1 or 2 months out?