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Discussion in 'Options' started by OXTrader, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. OXTrader


    Ok people, where can I find an online options trading game to join. Market watch does a stock trading game, who does the options trading game?????

  2. Van Tharp has some kind of trading game on It looks like you have to download it, which probably means it runs in Windows, which leaves me out.

    They say it takes six months to play.
  3. 4re


    Van Tharp's game is free to download but you only get the the first 3 levels for free. I played them in a day. It is good with each level being a different lesson about position sizing and what not. Can be a little boring also.

    Don't know of any on options though.

  4. rosy


    i had a game called comex where you could buy/sell silver and gold futures and options. it was pretty cool for 1983, haven't seen anything like it since.
  5. OXTrader


    VAn Tharp... you have to pay for anything past level 4, it is very boring, and it doe not have options. BUT I appreciate the effort. :)

    Yeah marketwatch has a virtual trading game you can actually compare yourself to other traders with but it is only with stocks.

    There MUST MUST MUST be one for options!
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  7. JKenisky


    OptionsXpress also has a "virtual trader" that you can use when you have an account there, which is free.