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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bullz n Bearz, Jul 11, 2007.

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    Why don't you first start by taking some fine advices given to you on previous threads? Maybe then a good mentor will notice that you are willing to change. Your reasoning is so far off it is hilarious.

    And by the way stop saying you've blown your account once again because you are on a simulator.
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    great post steve.....
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  3. andread


    Although it shows self confidence and motivation, I would still define this an arrogant statement.

    And this contradicts the above. This basically shows that you have even less an idea than me.
    Post less, think more. This is advice from someone who, like you, started and lost money. The difference is that I'm back to paper trading. And I'm happy about it.
    Complaining about the markets and the mean people on ET is not going to help you.
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  4. I cant give OC some props?

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    as we congregate around BnB or Flashboy or Gordon Gekko to offer our hard earn advises once again, may I say ET community has plenty of love to spead around!:cool:
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  6. Thanks. It is kind of sad how little respect investing gets from the general public. I think it is the only acticity the average person can easily can into and EXPECTS to do well at it. If you asked them about golf or chess or even starting a new business they would all admit how much time and effort would be needed to be even average at those undertakings and even way more discipline and effort to get remotely good.

    but trading? they think you just open and account and mana falls from heaven. I think we all felt that way but the reason why I am still trading today and making money is I learned how wrong I was quickly, swalloed my pride and ego and busted my ass to get to even this level which is still below where I want to be...
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  7. How much are you down? During the feb/mar time period I was down as much as $40k. I was down 10k on feb 27 then I started chasing and doing dumb trades which took my account down another $30k. So far, I managed make a minor comeback - so I'm down around $5k.

    What I did was took 2 weeks off and analyze what I was doing and what I should do. I started trading smaller amounts and kept tight stops.

    I still need alot of work. I'm just going at it slowly. My current goal is to not lose money. I just don't want another blow out.
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  8. I think it has more to do with why so many people watch nascar. We are all waiting for the wreck.
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  9. great post ElCubano....
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  10. Guys cant you tell THIS IS A WINDUP the bloke is pulling your puds.

    I reckon the bloke is an aussie and is trying to expose a generally held belief that most americans lack the abilty to spot irony.

    Whether he has been generally ironic is another matter but please dont respond to this thread it isnt real.
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