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  1. Look, I really really honestly do not care if any "percieved big wig" comes to try and troll my thread. This thread contains value for anyone who is new to trading or who isn't having the success as BnB is.

    You can have 20+ overly optimstic threads on ET on how to double your money, trade the es, etc.

    But NONE that talk about the pesimistic nature and down falls of what it really is like being a trader.

    Sure , being optimistic is one half of the coin..

    But being pessimistic(or as I say, realistic) is the other half that puts trading into an honest perspective..

    Stay tuned as I start the first part of the Truth of being a trader through the eyes of Bullz n Bearz.

  2. So, I blew out my account once again today..

    Offers are coming in left and right from hungry /greedy traders who want to seize my 1,000 an hour offer. I have strong reservations for who I choose to use as a mentor for my trading life.

    Now, ET should be about openess and honesty.. Well let me practice those principles with you all here today..

    Why isn't everyone making money at trading and 90% of traders fail??

    Because the brokers, analysts, banks, media, fellow traders are all out for themselves and in the process of being out for themselves they try and take you out of the picture first.

    The world can only function with its supply of stupid people. Without them, consumerism would not be here today and people wouldn't be spending so much money that their eyes bleed through.

    Nobody taught us at an early age to become great at anything unless we were born into that "select few" family that pretty much pre-determines their children to be harvard grads. Only the children who follow their smart / rich parents outlook on life, achieve the great success their predecessors do.

    Sadly, most of us aren't born with that priveledge. We are born to a life of mediocrity.

    This is why I feel I am failing so hard every day trading. I have almost been taught an early age to fail and self destruct whenever i start doing well at any activity in life.

    This applies to the masses.

    Who capitilizes on this self-destructiveness? The media, the brokers, your "forum friends". They know that you aren't competant enough. So what do they do? They try to swindle you and make you unconciously sign over deals that will put your finances in jeopardy for life.

    Life needs a change, but I sure as hell won't be the one leading the movement. We do however, need more people to really wake up and stop being such dicks when the truth is thrown out to the public.
  3. I think you need more roughage in your diet.
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    Post their names on this thread and I will give you a free lesson.
  5. Karl Marx?
  6. Come on, please take this thread a little more serious than you are right now.
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    This is a serious offer.
  8. HEY BNB.. maybe trading is not for you, its not for everyone, no matter how much you desire, save your money & take a break. find a style or another market that can work for you, try stocks, not crazy trading stocks, trade 100 shares at a time. it will keep losses small & learn to trade a strategy. its about learning the markets & being patient, otherwise the casino is a better place to have fun.. i would try stocks, a slower market in general.
  9. I won't do that , sorry.
  10. scorpion, trading is for me, however, i still need a strategy that works. no bullshit.

    people say to practice practice practice.. but practice from WHAT??? i don't know where my foundation is..

    people say markets are random,people say there not.. what's the deal
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