The only thing I regret in trading,-- Secrecy

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by typical ET, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. As many of you suspected I don't have a life, I trade, then run simulations, then I eat and sleep, after that I run more simulations.

    I just described my entire life and I am not kidding at all (you can go ahead now and feel sorry for me :D)

    but here is the kicker, I found things that are absolutely MIND BLOWING, this shit is so deep it even answers philosophical questions about edge which I always asked myself

    But not being able to share what I found eats my heart out :(

    OK enough of being smart on ET, lets get back to typical

    Trading is super easy fast and profitable and everbody can is be rich :)
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    The holder of "secret" knowledge, yet yearning to tell all... Rich beyond your wildest dreams or mentally shackled by your desire to reveal all, a philosophical dilemma?

    Set yourself free, tell the whole of ET how they "can is be" super fast rich traders?

    Set yourself free!
  3. You sound like you need some type of structure in your life.

    Thats ok, some people simply cant structure themselves to have a balanced lifestyle and need things like employers, wives, etc. to provide that structure for them.

    Think of ways to balance your life a schedule for yourself.
  4. you can also is be rich if you trade fast and easy and super trading :)
  5. why structure why structure, super fast easy trading, big money big money,

    super trading big money easy :)

    can is be rich for everybody
  6. Like I said, you lack structure...

  7. I think typ is just lonesome and wants to impress people with his knowledge.
  8. why you talk bullshit, you should super easy trade fast, and make million of money :)
  9. you are my brother from another mother

    you are super fast easy ET trader making million of money :)
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