The only reason you aren't rich from trading is, You Don't Want it

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by apak, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. apak


    if you wanted to make few k a day from trading you would be serious about it

    you would spend money on real data

    you would spend money on needed software

    you would take time to test ideas

    you would keep at it until you got it no matter how long it took

    as you can see my average ET friend, you just don't want it do you :eek:
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    Whats the point of this thread?
  3. If a person has a criticizing overbearing parent or caregiver they will develop a strong will to avoid the person. Some will transfer that to money for some reason. They won't go after the high paying jobs and when they do get some money they will get rid of it just the same as they would have loved to get rid of the shitty parent... it's called transference. I've been working at everything listed in the op's thesis for a decade and a half and telling off dear ole' Mom, who I have not seen for twice that length of time, every step of the way... I'm finally winning at last btw..
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    LOL if he didn't speak English I would understand

    but he does :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  5. You are rich MOTHERFUCKER ???
  6. Yes, if people treated trading like a business instead of just another window on their desktop, they might make more money.

    Depends on their style. Scalpers need top data. Intraday and swingers do not.

    All they need is good charting and a platform. The rest is a waste, unless they're just learning.

    Yes, you must write your own systems or you will not be able to fix/change/replace them when they beomce unprofitable, or even recognize why they become unprofitable.

    Yes, you can quit trading a dozen times, as long as you build your account back up, get off your butt and get back in the race.

    You're not talking to me, ET friend, but I concur that the majority of ET posters are papertraders.
  7. another Trader28 thread, showing a continuing emptiness in his life and in his cranium...
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    no I am not T28 but I wanted to ask you for some time Mr. rcanfiel

    why do you increase font size in every post

    are you going blind ???
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    Fah Q

    TraderZones must have very small genitals, so he compensates by stamping his feet through larger font?

  10. absolute determination does equal success regardless of what it takes to achieve it. unfortunately not everybody has such a great measure of determination.

    why not? perhaps you can tell me?
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