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  1. Russia and USA
    I think our politicians should put together solid efforts and unite these two country before it`s too late.Mark my words. Next quarter, we`ll see our collaboration. No China, or Europe or watever..Only US and RF, the rest can be busted..
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    interesting thought perspective

    ive long been a believer that china will be russia's worst enemy in the next century. why russia continues to cooperate with china is beyond me.

    ever read the Bear and the Dragon by clancy?
  3. China is obviously the great country. Tha`s why i promote for US and RF to collaborate. Because that`s the only possible outcome to stable world and parity.China took best of both world and that`s why it is so danger now for both US and RF.We need to collaborate in order to keep ballance in the world.

    no i`ve never neard of it, but i`ll check it.
  4. Ricter


    Don't worry too much about China. The commies there, the real commies that is, are hard at it, fighting for women's rights, wages, hours of work, the environment, freedom of expression, freedom of procreation, etc. All the same things that "brought our country down", lol. But, the Chinese commies are standing on the shoulders of giants, their efforts are working much faster than our own "commies" were ever able to achieve.

    In fact, if you truly believe that the left wing is destroying America, perhaps you should work to see that it continues its rapid growth in China!
  5. You are wrong if you think that chineese that straightforward in their path. As i said, they took the best of the both worlds RF and US are still unable (or.. maybe i`m wrong, i don`t know..i hope i`m not) to realize