The only person the left wing media has not blamed so far.....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Jan 12, 2011.

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    The only person the left wing media has not blamed so far is adolf hitler, even though it is well known now that Mein Kampf was one of Jared Loughners favourite books, it would appear to be a slam dunk in the eyes of most logical people, as to what would have caused him to go out and shoot a jewish lady.

    Im sure even the lefties on this site can see the humour in this, here on the one hand you have a guy whose favourite book was written by one of the worst evil masterminds in history, then you have some bimbo hill billy from alaska, who probably cant even spell her own name right. Yet, it couldnt have had anything to do with the fact that he was reading mein kampf that set him off, no it had to be the evil genius of Sarah Palin. LOL, reading a book written by the worst person in history wouldnt have planted any evil ideas in his head, no it was in fact some irrelevant hill billy from alaska that finally pushed him over the edge. Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees.....

    Does anyone else see the humour in this thought process by the left wing media?
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    I think you need to stop spending so much time reading the secondary-stream media, the mere talking heads and such. They, like us, are opinionated.
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    re:The only person the left wing media has not blamed so far...

    Bush has been blamed already?

    But the premise of the argument is valid: a young man whose favorite books include Mein Kemp and then targets a Jewish Congresswoman kinda says more than anything else so far.
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    Yeah, your probably right, and it probably doesnt help that i bounce back and foreword between night time programming on fox and msnbc, getting the worst of partisanship from both sides.

    I just find this comical, i think that hitler may have been given a free pass for the first time in history, he is probably burning in hell right now wondering what he has to do to get some respect, and stomping his feet having a temper tantrum at the thought that Sarah Palin is more evil than him in the eyes of some people. :D
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    Hitler isn't a threat to the liberals. So why waste their attacks on a dead person. Besides, they have a lot in common with Hitler.
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    The perp's mom is Jewish. His other favorite book was The Communist Manifesto. The left is having a field day blaming the shooting on every right wing source they hate rather on the guy who actually did it.
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    You guys are off your rails with this book thing. One of my favorite books is Lolita, but I loathe pedophilia; the prose in that book is exquisite.

    But, if you really want to smear, at least do it out plainly: Mein Kampf is Hitler's, and Hitler is Nazis, and skinheads are Nazis, and the skinheads, with their God and family and superior white race are 100% right wing.
  8. Bad smear job. Hitler and Nazis were socialist left wing on most issues by modern standards. You aren't too good at this stuff. No wonder you haven't been able to graduate to higher than gnat grade communist...