The only game casino owners hate !

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  1. Also :D

    "Baccarat and craps are scary enough -- Las Vegas casinos sometimes list "table luck" as a loss item in their Wall Street reports"
  2. A guy tried to revive the game :D

    The last of the unhappy Delta owners killed himself sometime in the 1890s when a fortunate miner won $80,000, a team of horses and an interest in a gold mine.
    Faro was the game of the old West. Doc Holliday dealt faro before strapping on his guns at Tombstone and walking up the street with Wyatt Earp to shoot down the bad guys.
    Today, a gambler cannot find a faro game anywhere in the world. Former dealer Jim Finley, who worked in 50 joints from Ely to Reno to Las Vegas, wants to return the game to its former glory.
    "It is the most perfectly designed game the world has known," said Finley, who at 73 is retired in Rogue River, Ore. "It is 15 times faster than baccarat. I don't want to see the damned game die."
    Finley gave a demonstration of faro two years ago during a gaming conference at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He claims he can teach a player the basic principles of faro in three minutes.
    But he has found no takers in the gaming industry. He wants to find a casino willing to put in a faro bank and let him shill the game to the curious. When he dies, Finley figures faro is dead.
    "I'm the last chance faro has got," Finley said. "All it takes is one person to spread the game. Gambling means to take a chance."