the online trading academy????????

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by spinn, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. spinn


    Anyone know anything about this outfit?

    Perssonally I have never heard of a tarining course that tought someone to actually make money. Is this the exception?

    I am not going to take their classes but since they are not that far from me I am somewhat curious.
  2. Redneck


  3. you've heard this before, but i'll says it again

    those who can trade, trade

    those who cant, sell training
  4. and the remainder who cant do either hang out in et repeating same lame games

    now quote is complete
  5. spinn


    Thanks RN...

    and yes from reading tht thread they seem like decent people, but the true value seems to be about $500..not $5000..

    As for training....I have a friend who just started working there and I admit to a sight bout of temptation yesterday....a salary and health insurance would be nice once in a while.
  6. i guess that explains your presence here
  7. no. here because your three posts mesmerize me. otherwise id leave