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    I almost bought when it was a 1 dollar a share. Back about 20 years ago I heard on the radio that Priceline was possibly gonna go out of business but I had this feeling that there were too many trekkies out there to let this company fold. I didnt know anything about stocks (still dont lol) but I opened a Scottrade account back then. Didnt have much money. Three small kids and I had talked my wife into agreement to buy 1000 shares. Low and behold she changed her mind like woman do and she wanted to use the little money we had on a new living room set. Needless to say I have been kicking myself all these years for not buying priceline shares at 1 dollar a share.
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    But but but ..... what if you did but but but sold it a year later.

    Would you feel any better?

    To "hit" four baggers or more, holding like Warren Buffett does, not buying - is the key.
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  3. tiddlywinks


    There have been several over my time...

    Two stick out.

    Kmart in early 2000's. I refused to believe that piece of Americana would just disappear. The stock traded pink sheet at .07-.09 all day long after declared bankruptcy. I tripled my money...before the white knight came in.

    The other is QVC late 80's... Pre Barry Diller traded in the pinks between $2 and $6. Then the Barry Diller buyout and relaunch... This one, the relaunch, causes kicking of my own ass!

    During I played several flyers. No regrets. But in hindsight not holding amzn, was a mistake. The metrics, market cap bigger than company x, y, z, combined, etc, were just too non-nonsensical to be believable AT THE TIME.
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    Your right. It shot up pretty quickly and I probably would have sold it at 10 or 20 a share but still. It nags at me.
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    Dont worry man. We will find those deals again. I'm an excellent researcher and now that I'm home and have time due to this virus I'm gonna do it up.
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    There is a reason why VC's invest in many startups. Hard to tell which will be the ones ... that I knew would turn out to be yuuge. I just knew it.
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    Let's not forget priceline which is now booking holdings did have a REVERSE SPLIT!!!! Factor that in.
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    Dont know what that is. Is that where the stocks double
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    Well, yeah. If a company has 100,000 outstanding at $100 and they reverse split 2:1, the outstanding becomes 50,000 and the price jumps to $200.

    The obverse is on a 1:2 split.

    100,000 outstanding at $100 becomes 200,000 and price drops to $50.
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    Ok that makes sence. Thanks bud.
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