The One Stop All-In-One Affordable Toolbox for Professionals? Or too good to be true?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GuruTrader, Jun 5, 2010.

Do You Have Experience with it?

  1. Yes it Rocks i use it to make money

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  2. Too Good To Be True!

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  2. WOW i did not expect to get only one response and 1 vote on the POLL i am really interested in hearing from others what they think... does anybody even use this software? please let me know :)

    Thanks In Advance
  3. bstay


    what does it do? what is it?
  4. It is a toolbox, based on Neural Networks, among 100s other things.. programming and customization interface, one of the best data managers (supposedly) .. etc...
  5. bstay


    probably that's why there is no response to your poll. it isn't clear what this "toolbox" is supposed to do. very vague. no idea why need to spend time to even check the site.
  6. Well a toolbox is just that a "toolbox" it is like saying that Metastock is vague or Tradestation is Vague, the difference in this one is that it is mainly based on Neural Network modeling, among 100s other things,

    so my question is that do you think this one is better than Metastock, Tradestation, MultiCharts, Neuroshell, etc..

    It looks better from the marketing in their site, that review say it has too many features implemented in it, so is it worth investing money and time into? or is one better off with other more popular toolboxes ..

    That is what i am trying to find out,

    Hope that removes some of the vagueness :)

  7. sabersky


    Looks like garbage. Vague allusions to science are a hallmark of bullshit.
  8. bstay


    good luck with the poll. maybe you can post a few screenshots of exactly what this "toolbox" is used for? TradeStation/Metastock/MultiCharts are charting or trading platforms. i guess no response to your poll if they don't recognize what this tool is used for and will just dump it back into the box.
  9. for what it does (charting) its incredibly expensive. Go with Amibroker which does all TradeCision can do plus a lot more for 1/5 of the price. Thats what I call affordable (considering what Amibroker offers).

    #10     Jun 14, 2010