The One Great Quality In Successful Great Traders!

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  1. In every profession, there are certain qualities that are prized. If you have to list one (ok more than one) great quality of successful and great traders, what would it be? Also please provide ideas on how to develop such qualities, or instill them in others.
  2. Take the setups.
    Manage the trade.
  3. those who share time, teach, providing support
  4. The ability to chew gum while trading at the same time is most prized in this profession.

    And that is because most traders have ADHD (Attn deficit hyperactive disorder), so having no outlet to manage it is detrimental to one's concentraton..
  5. achilles28


    The ability to think for yourself.
  6. Mental toughness.
  7. DrEvil


    Common sense.
  8. Resilience.

    Adaptation related skills.
  9. Patience.
  10. The persistence (and deep pockets) to find a robust positive expectation system.
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