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    Men's 400m Relay! Awesome! The French trash talk just makes the victory that much more sweet. Wowsa. What a race.

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    The commentators were talking about the controversy over the ages of the Chinese gymnasts. There is no way that first girl in the floor exercise last night was 16 yrs old, no way. She looked about 12 yrs old. So apparently the host nation is cheating. Nice.

  3. personally, I detest two things about the current Olympics:

    one - allowing professionals in. I don't want to see Serena Williams or Kobe Bryant. I preferred the old style of Olymipcs - it seemed more real.

    two - countries turning out athletes like factories, such as the old Soviet/Eastern Bloc or the current Chinese system. "Here, comrade - we tested you and this is what you will be doing the next 9 years..." How is that any different than steroids?
  4. Just about everyone is PRO now.
    How else would you expect them to survive in all of those years of training leading up to the Olympics?

    It's not just Kobe or Serena.
    It's just about every single Track & Field athlete, Swimmer, etc.

    As for the process of "selection" and then being sponsored/supported to train vs steroids . . . Ican't even believe that you would even try and COMPARE the two.

    They are as different as apples and oranges.
  5. I'll add number three--

    Athletes playing for countries where they aren't from.

    Just read an article about some basketball player from the U.S. who is playing for Germany. His own father said he shouldn't be allowed because HE'S NOT GERMAN!!!!

    So many stories just like that.
  6. Hardly. The Soviet Bloc and China turn the Olympics into a political statement, instead of an international competition. Other countries are certainly not perfect, but China spent $40 billion on the games and have setup an athletic industry solely to prove they are a superpower. It reminds me of Berlin, where they thought the Olympics would prove Aryan superiority. It sucks.

    I hardly think state-sponsored athlete factories that dump hundreds of kids in one end, in hopes of extracting a few gold medals at the other end for the glory of the state, is what Olympic competition is about.

    I have no problem comparing this to steroids/doping. They are both insane manipulations of the purposes of the games.

    Most of the rest of the world, either rising through the ranks of school sports or putting in the long hours to pursue their abilities, some make it.

    Several Chinese girls admitted they saw their families only once or twice a year.
  7. The programmer at NBC needs to get his act together. Running Womens gymnastics, beach volleyball, and the woman track and field back to back to back doesnt give a fella time to reload. Space 'em out by at least half an hour. Reminds me of when they ran I Dream of Jeanie to close to Petticoat Junction and Gilligans Island.

    William "give it a quick toss "Rennick out :cool:

    ps. How bout that Michelle Caruso Cabbrera lately? Curves, cans, and whats got to be a huge hair pie. Whenever she comes on I guarantee there are shorts dropping across the ankles from coast to coast.
  8. who u kidding old man?

    that rusted old gun has fired any shots since the days Farrah Faucet looked hot in a poster.

    lol :D
  9. Thought the opening ceremonies were class and high art. They spent billions which detractors will say helped still the imagination of the director demonstrated how the eastern philosophy as it was expressed through art did overflow with substantive meanings, a visual as well as thoughtful experience. The cooperation and precision amongst thousands of individuals to create those incredible choreographics was memorable. The vivid colors in the womens dresses when they came out was a veritible garden spray of colors. Just goes to show what people can do when they cooperate as opposed to compete where there always has to be a greater fool. On another political note I found it interesting when Costas asked the guest host about the significance of the children handing over whatever it was they handed over to the soldiers the answer that came back was that, it symbolized the state's insuring the prosperity and safety of their futures ...or words to that affect-- surprised the state department didn't edit that. The commercials were a blight on it though. Like putting a Budweiser sticker on a Monet. Regardless, if you saw it you know what I mean, if you didn't find a video of it ...possibly the most extravagent visual spectacle in history ...but then there is Richard Simmons dancing around fat in those shorts.
  10. So when will Michael Phelps own the world? The media lovefest is getting out of control.
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