The oldest Musical notes on earth

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  1. Age: 3,500.00 Years old.

    It was discovered by German archaeologists in Nineveh (Northern Iraq) in the early 20th century. The same archaeologists were successful in decoding and composing it! The end result is goose pumps from beginning to end.

    I compiled a list for you to enjoy:

    1- The Departure Monologue:

    2- The Love Monologue:

    3- The piety Monologue:

    4- Ashq Monologue:

    5- Mercy Monologue:

    6- Longing Monologue:

    7- Deprived Monologue:

    8- Broken Monologue:

    9- Lost Monologue:

    10- Victorious Monologue:
  2. Amazing! Thanks for sharing this one, exceptionally interesting!
  3. Thanks drillmega, it is mesmerising. And to think it is 3500 years old.
  4. i c a lot of arab Sanskrit and it wants to load a plug in.

    no thanks
  5. You know that Sanskrit is an Indo-Persian language which has nothing to do with Arabic that has its origin in Aramaic.

    As for the plug-ins, it is called Real player...Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you did an update for your computer? I am not talking about the use of a crank handle by the way. :D

    Anyway, no worries. I promise you I will not lose sleep over the fact that you do not wish to enjoy it.