The OIH . . .

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Landis82, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. How many people here are day-trading and scalping the OIH?

    Incredible moves in this ETF.
    Some of the best on the board these days!

    Liquid too.

  2. Mup


    Great techincal price action !

    So I bet not many on ET...:D :D
  3. :D

    How about a chart Mup for all of our ET technicians out there?
  4. Thanks Row!
    How's your blog coming Row?
    Do people really call you Row?
    What was your last alias on ET Row?

  5. Mup


    They'll have to check out the EW thread....:D

    People would of know about the pattern OIH was in weeks ago & the importance of the throw over into $228 area was highlighted a day before it happened...:eek:
  6. The double-bottom looks to be completed now with today's move back over the last little short term high at 186. Great reaction to the bearish oil inventory news.


    Drilling sector is screaming!!!

  7. Mup


    Nice chart Mike.. :)

    Stopped around the 61.8% ?? Could be a classic wave ii of and ED pattern.
  8. kyc30090


    i don't trade OIH. But I have stocks in Coal companies which is traded very closely with oil, more than natural gas, surprisingly.

    yes, very nice response to the bearish inventory news. cnbc people please stop talking about the fundamentals of oil markets.