The Official VIPER I.B. Reports Thread

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  1. Lookie heah now Son, thisin heah, is the OOficial Viper Reeport inan regards to Interactive Brokers tradin action.

    (by the way, if you can guess what language the intro is in, I will send you a pound of Cafe Bustelo, so you can stay up with ES for 23.9999 hours a day) :D

    As everybody knows we had all the news fit to print this morning.
    So I was watching the eur/usd.

    Up until 8:30 we had normal spreads, choice to 1, as soon as 8:30 hit, the spreads widened to 5 and then eventually to 20 for about 7-10 seconds, and no I did not put a stopwatch on it, just counted. During this same time the CurreneX pricing was doing its usual untradable bouncing of prices, which is normal for this type of news event.

    After things settled on I.B., there were about 2 min of wider than usual spreads, that ranged from 2-5, then on the reverse the spreads settled back down to normal, and we were tradable again.

    One interesting thing that I saw was all of the buying going on at 2890-2884, the bids outnumbered the ask by a 5-6 to one ratio, oh and what a surprise where did the price eventually go, at 9:05 am est the high was 9297, something to think about rookies.

    Now we had a gap of 20 pips at about 8:30, so this would explain the widening spread at IB. My guess would be that rather than show the bouncing prices, they encapsulate all of this action in the spread, its just a guess and not a proven fact.

    The IB data is still wacky with my neoticker, I had no data faster than 3 min, or maybe it is just the IB data and NT had nothing to do with it, same thing happened last Friday. this is a minor irritation as I have found a quote provider who's data is within .5 pip of IBs. I do wish they would fix this but I will wait and see

    The CurreneX platform is still working fine, and I am happy with it.

    So thats it, if I run across anything in the future I will post it here

    The Ever Trying To Help VIPER
  2. ccooper


    Could you specify which quote provider this is?
  3. "(by the way, if you can guess what language the intro is in, I will send you a pound of Cafe Bustelo, so you can stay up with ES for 23.9999 hours a day) "

    Pig Latin?

    EDIT: Isway ethay Anguagelay Igpay Atinlay?
  4. <i>"by the way, if you can guess what language the intro is in..."</i>

    Sounds a lot like my Cajun friends down in Lousiana swamps, trapping muskrats, beaver & nutria this time of the year.
  5. You are right it is talk from the deep south. Redneck talk.

    Pig Latin version: Ouyay areway ightray itway isway alktay omfray ethay eepday outhsay. Edneckray alktay.
  6. mm, y'all hit the nail on the head son. Good old, down home Southern. The data feed is Hotspot through esignal. The data servers that you hook to with IB to get quote data are sorry, there is a general propensity for them to go down, or have errors, they are not reliable at all. The TWS on the other hand has been rock solid so far. The other thing is that their paper trade system has been down for a while now, and resolution does not seem to be a near term priority. I like to use a sim system for a bit so that I can get used to an execution platform, can't do that with IB at this time.

    The Ever Redneck VIPER
  7. ccooper


    When I look at eSignal forex (including Hotspot) I see some strange behavior. If you look at the bid/ask quotes, they seem to be the latest quotes that have come down the stream, regardless of whether they are the best bid/ask. Thus if you just look at the bid/ask stream, or even something like a midpoint, your view of the market will be mistaken.

    Also, l looked at the market depth window. There I see quotes which are stale often at the top of the list. You even see crosses some of the time. Therefore, if I were to track the best bid/ask via market depth window, it will also be unrealistic. Perhaps the best approach seems to be to find a contributor with decent spreads and just use their quotes.

    Do you use eSignal in a different way that makes more sense?
  8. Sounds like Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show...