The official "Is it safe to download the new and improved TWS version? " thread.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Optionpro007, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. My computer is telling me to download a new version for TWS.

    In the past, things that were working perfectly well, stopped working thanks to the "new and improved" version.

    I am not falling for this anymore.

    This thread is for people to post who have tried the newest version for at least 7 days and can attest that it is bug free.

    Please let us know.


    p.s. the version I have running now is build 868.3 March 6/07 and IT IS WORKING PERFECTLY WELL.
  2. Tums


    I am using tws 870.2, java 1.5.0_11, xp.

    tws stopped updating after IB server reboot at midnight.

    everything else seems ok.
  3. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    I upgraded to 870.2 yesterday, and have one major problem.

    TWS will change focus if another order fills or changes.

    E.g.: I'm editing the limit price in line 10. An order on line 20 fills, and TWS now moves the "active line" to line 20, leaving edits on line 10 "half finished".

    Most of my trading is computer generated, and this little surprise made it almost impossible to enter the few manual orders I do.
  4. I'm not going to touch the new version until after some time passes. I try to avoid, as much as possible, being a beta-tester.

    Have you voted for suggestion # 2185 in the New Features Poll? I would think, based on your posting, that you would find implementation of the suggestion to be greatly beneficial. See
  5. Schaefer


    Same here, rolled back to previous version, and all was well again. This is the second time I got burnt on TWS upgrade. I won't be doing that again, for sure.


  6. You got my vote.
  7. notouch


    I warn you this new release requires you to reboot your computer - not good for those of us who like to keep it running 24/7.
  8. Pete - IB

    Pete - IB Interactive Brokers

    We were able to reproduce this problem, but only on the "Portfolio" page. Assuming that you experienced this problem only on the portfolio page, this bug is fixed and released in TWS build 871.
  9. 871.2 all good here.

    They got the new booktrader features on and poppin'
  10. Lucrum


    I've been using 870.2 for a couple of weeks with no problems, so far.
    #10     Apr 18, 2007