The Obama Re-election Thread

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Aug 18, 2011.

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    You realize that only one president has had approval ratings this low and been re-elected? Truman. Which means Obama has to nuke somebody to get back to the Whitehouse. ;)
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    But Obama said all the problems aren't his fault. Its just bad luck. You don't believe him? :D
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    Man, I'm honestly not sure Obama would retaliate if we were hit.

    I'm not kidding.
  4. Then you are even fucking dumber then I thought.The guy has over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan,bombing the shit out of Gaddafi, given the kill order to every Somali pirate that has hijacked a US ship,called both China's and N Koreas bluff when they told him not to send US Navy ships in their area and not to hold war games with South Korea,Killed Bin Laden and numerous other high ranking Al Qaeda and Taliban members

    With such an aggressive foreign policy you really believe he is going to let the US get attacked and not strike back ? You're a fucking moron
  5. Uhmmnnn...we are comparing apples to oranges. Popular African American politicians, regardless of their performance get re-elected. Marion Barry of DC, Coleman Young mayor of Detroit, recently Charlie Rangel. If Obama was being investigated by the Justice Dept, this would probably help his election chances.:cool:
  6. Because it is Bush's aggressive policy.
    Obama voted against the Iraq surge and called for immediate withdraw.

    Bush made the gutsy surge call and won the war.

    Bush captured the Dictator of another country. Osama was a recluse hiding behind women and children.
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    Damn Nutmeg. You got me there.

  8. Bush captured the Dictator of another country who did not attack America

    Obama killed a guy who attacked America and killed over 3800 Americans
  9. And Obama was right on both counts because the Iraq war is a war that should have never been fought

    Maybe you think Iraq was a "win " for America but you are in the minority
  10. That same dictator kept Iran in check.Because of Bush's fuck up and Bushs "win" in Iraq we now have to deal with them

    Over 100,000 Iraqis dead,over 4400 US troops dead , over 30,000 US troops wounded,over 1.9 trillion dollars for a country that never attacked America and we might end up in a war with Iran.... Great job Bush !!!!!!!!!!
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