the OBAMA rally!

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  1. burn in hell liberals
  2. LOL
  3. Don't worry CHANGE is coming....:D
  4. rc5781


    looks like SOMEONE lost a lot of money today...
  5. actually i got long on margin SDS at the close tuesday- covered enough to go off of margins at 94.5 today, letting the rest run to 1xx
  6. Obama is going to save the markets!!!! lol. You got love the BS that comes out of him. Increase cap gains in a declining market.

    This is truly an Obama crash.
  7. nickdes



    If credit was given to Obama on Tuesday for the market rise, then we have to credit Obama with the 900 pt decline.
  8. Lucrum


    You didn't get the memo?

    It's Bush's fault!


    Market rallies hard twice when the polls tightened, sells off hard, I believe twice, when NoBama pull ahead in the polls.
    Then takes a two day nearly 1000 Dow point drop after he gets elected.

    But "they" claim "no correlation".

  9. rc5781


    bunch of cry babies....

    crying because a member of the keating 5 wasn't elected president, boo fucking hoo...

    let's vote for dick fuld in 4 years!!

    obama's not even fully black, he's biracial, it's not like we voted lil wayne president....
  10. And Barneyard Frank still takes 0 responsibility for FNM or FRE.
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