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    A boy named Adolf Hitler Campbell and his sisters, who also have provocative names, were removed from their parents and home by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services. According to the police chief in the township they reside in, there have been no reports of negligence or abuse. It appears that the state took the children away from the parents simply because they don't like the names given the children by the parents.

    After listening to the whining for the last eight years about the civil rights denied suspected terrorists by the Bush admin, we're about to see hell on earth unleashed by these same people.
  2. in case you forgot its the bush administration that is still in power.
  3. Amazing, isn't it?
  4. This is the state of New Jersey taking action. It has nothing to do with Obama or Bush.
  5. Come on Monkey Boy give em a break. They only have a few days left of blaming Bush and once he leaves basically their life purposes go bye bye.
  6. They will keep blaming Bush. BTW, their new target is Sarah Palin.
  7. actually even if obama were to destroy america it would be bushs fault. if bush had not been such a failure a democrat probably would not have been elected.
    sara will never be seen on a national level again. to win in the campaign you have to be able to at least think. she hasnt shown an ability to do that.
  8. I am not a Sarah Palin fan; but why does the left continue to attack her? For example, The Huffington Post has a whole page dedicated to her.
  9. Tell that to fhl, who started the misguided thread. He's one of your own.
  10. well. they got you to read that whole page by writing it. she makes news but then so does paris hilton.
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