The Obama Effect

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  1. I'm setting here watching the market tank and asking myself why doesn't Obama come out and say that he will hold off on raising capitol gains taxes?

    At least that might cause a rally and get investors thinking about buying stocks again. It wouldn't cost the American taxpayer any money either.

    It's not the fix-all, but it would sure help.

    Anyone else thinking this?:confused:
  2. No offense to Obites, but he is a great talker who doesn't know shit about dealing with debt or depressed economies. What you suggest works in recessions, but not depressions. He has no toys to offer that will change the onset of depression. If the market is allowed to correct itself, without further manipulation, we may not go much lower than 7000 before heading back up.
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    actually need to increase stock lose deductions from $3,000

    $3,000 comes down to few hundred dollars you actually save on income taxes

  4. No. For today and tomorrow, the big event that has to pass is the hedge fund redemption deadline. Next week may rebound or merely stop falling from a lack of agressive selling. Then everybody can get hot & horny for a "January Effect" advance. We'll see. :)
  5. He's a Democrat, remember? Democrats screw investors and tax the middle class, not give them a way to write off losses.

  6. Absolutely! That is way outdated.
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    and extend time for it
  8. Exactly.
  9. I read a big article on this, I just can't find the damned thing. It said essentially what you just wrote. The 15th being the deadline for redemptions and hedgies are just selling everything in sight to raise cash.
  10. Traders may then rush into stuff that has "good" fundamentals, not "low" priced stuff. Save some ammo for then. :)
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