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  1. Friend of mine got this email from a guy he met Saturday. The guy is a British citizen living here in Carlsbad.

    Hi Jim, The best part of talking to you today was to learn there are some patriots out there who can see clearly what is going on. The biggest problem I have on a daily basis is meeting people who aren't interested, haven't a clue about anything, and/or think someone else is looking out for them

    My joke is that I am one of the few legal aliens here in CA ! Letting illegals in, giving them free everything is a disaster and obviously has to be stopped. However I meet many liberals who say "We just need to learn how to share !" They don't accept or even realize that this is THE most charitable and giving country in the history of mankind. Yes it throws its weight around - unacceptably to many and to me under Bush 43 - but it's right there first and last when there's a tsunami or earthquake with instant hospital ships and aid.

    Coming from Europe, I can easily see how jealousy plays a huge part in everyone's down attititude on the USA. It truly annoys a European to gas up his rental car for a few dollars at JFK and then 10 hours later pay 3-4x the amount to gas up his tiny car at Heathrow. Cheap gas has been one massive enabler of this great country generating HUGE wealth for millions. Yet the deliberate ban on onshore and close offshore oil/gas exploration seeks to limit this huge income stream going forward. The absurd Cap and Tax seeks to raise gas prices everywhere. THis will have an immediate upwards impact on food prices across the board - as will subsidies for ethanol production have done already - and transport rates will continue to jump. All of this will hammer the poorest in the supermarket, and reduce job opportunities for all.

    Most worryingly, I truly believe we are on the verge of a tyrannical dictatorship. Immigrants from eastern europe cannot believe they moved away from it only to find it happening again. The democrats seem to salivate daily on the power within their grasp.

    The hardest part is that those who believe in freedom and individual responsibility will have to fight these "liberals" - actually they are very ILLIBERAL - every step of the way becaus their onward march is relentless. I am also HUGELY disappointed that the conservatives/republicans articulate their ideas - if indeed they have any - so poorly and so infrequently. They should be shouting on every street corner !!!!

    You gave me encouragement today especially being one of the very, very few people I've spoken to recently who seems to share this appalling forward look. So....THANK YOU !

    I'll try and look at some of the film but I fear I already know too much of its horrible content. The bit I still don't get is WHY DO "THEY" HATE THIS WONDERFUL COUNTRY SO, SO MUCH ?? I have written to both CA senators and my Representative here decrying the OBVIOUS LACK OF PATRIOTISM in the US CONGRESS and now the White House. Very, very sad. Stay in touch and good luck in getting your country back. It is truly too precious to lose, but the left is about to lose it big time. Regards, Chris

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    Long video. Run it up to about 12 mins to start.
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    Guy is crazy, don't feed your head with it.
  3. jf, you have some decent content on most of your posts but this is not one of them. Although I must admit I did not make through for the full 12 minutes. As soon as I saw, Alex Jones, Jesse the Body, and KRS One I just couldn't stomach it anymore and had to stop.
  4. Head of ET's birther movement ? I don't think so
  5. I couldn't watch it all either. Maybe first 30 mins. Its too depressing.