the Obama budget failed by the astounding final count of 0 to 97

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  1. By Andrew Stiles
    The Senate just finished voting on the Paul Ryan/House Republican budget resolution, as well as the budget put forward by President Obama in February. Both, as expected, were voted down, but only Ryan’s received any votes.

    Indeed, the Obama budget failed by the astounding final count of 0 to 97. Not even Bernie Sanders (S., Vt.) could bring himself to support the president’s plan, begging the question, as one observer in the Senate gallery put it: “Are Democrats actually for anything?”

    The Ryan budget, on the other hand, was voted down 40 to 57, with five Republicans — Sens. Brown, Collins, Murkowski, Paul and Snowe — voting ‘no,’ along with every Democrat.

    Votes on the budget proposals put forward by Sens. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) and Rand Paul (R., Ky.) are expected shortly.

    UPDATE: The Toomey budget also fails — but gets more votes that Ryan’s — 42 to 55. Sens. Murkowski and Paul are the two who switched their votes.

    Paul’s budget fails as well, 7 to 90, but still gets more votes than Obama’s. Sens. Coburn, DeMint, Hatch (!), Lee, Paul, Vitter and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (!!) voted ‘yes.’

    UPDATE II: The Senate Democratic budget f… oh wait, nevermind.

    Final score: Republican budgets 89, Democratic “budgets” 0
  2. JamesL


    The party of "no"? Sounds familiar.
  3. pspr


    Yes, the Democrats are for two things. This is their perennial platform. TAX and SPEND