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  1. If you know of or have experience with particular foods or supplements that have helped your energy levels, BMI, cardiovascular health, or overall health in any other respect, this is the thread to share the knowledge.

    Anyone derive a benefit from DHEA? If so, what dose, form and how many times per day?
  2. 7 oxo DHEA is helpful....

    Piracetam is helpful as well.



    Take those on a daily basis and you'll feel like a million bucks.
  3. Joe


    Centrum Performance + Nature Made Vitamin C + Nature Made Vitamin E is my usual vitamin intake.

    Then I take in fruit smoothies mixed with ISOPURE Protein about 3 a day.

    I've taken NO Shotgun, worst drink ever... IMHO toxic.
  4. Yeah, I've heard that NO shotgun was bad juju.

    I always though Isopure was cool because it was clear. My cousin just graduated med school and that's what he uses FWIW.

    Optimum Nutrition makes a good whey powder that's dirt cheap and effective. Good solid standby if you're gonna need a lot of protein powder.

    Pramiracetam is good, but cost-wise you'd do better just taking a higher dose of Piracetam or Oxiracetam. The stuff will work wonders.
  5. Joe


    I was on ON's (Optimum Nutrition) protein for a year, but I felt I didn't get much out of it. However everyone I know uses it so its probably not the protein.
  6. I'm sure Isopure is an order of mag better, but ON's whey does the trick when you're on one of those crazy >200g a day protein intake programs. :D
  7. karol88


    DLPA and tyrosine help me with energy...after a few years of daily adrenaline rush fueled by stimulants (coffee etc) during market hours, my adrenal glands are sometimes burned out, and these two amino acids do the trick when taken with B6+C on an empty stomach.
  8. karol88


    I like Isopure a lot! I drink one during trading (no time for cooking a real meal).

    here is my favorite shake:
    1 scoop chocolate Isopure
    1tb peanut butter
    1cup vanilla yogurt (previously frozen, no need for ice cubes)
    some milk or water

    it's yummy! and it keeps me going for the rest of the trading day, focused and full of energy :)
  9. Try the 7 oxo DHEA, it will help with the adrenal fatigue.
  10. karol88


    thanks, never tryed DHEA, thought it was a steroid? any side effects? I hope it won't make me put on weight or something like that?
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